Middleton Scriven

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1539 May 19Middleton Scriven. Edward Colyns.Geo. Dalomer, adv. granted by Thos. Scriven, armiger.Christopher Sherde.Resignation. [2]
1554 May 22Middleton Scriven. Thomas Laive.Thomas Scriven, gen.   
1556 May 20Middleton Scriven. William Smythe.Thom. Scryven, arm.   
1664 Dec 19Middleton Scriven. Matthew Trapp.Ed. Brigges, gen.   
1716 Jul 6Middleton Scriven. Robert Luddington, M. A.Thomas Randolph, mercator ferrarius.Nathaniel Trapp.Death.
1734 Dec 20Middleton Scriven. Thomas Jones, B.A. John Bawdewin, esq. Last incumbent.Death.
1739 Jan 23Middleton Scriven. Thomas Littleton, M.A.John Bawdewyn, esq.Thomas Jones.Death.
1740 Sep 4Middleton Scriven. John Reynolds, B.A. John Bawdewyn, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1776 May 16Middleton Scriven. John Harding, M.A. Thomas Rowley, of Broseley, surgeon.John Reynolds.Death.
1789 Jun 18Middleton Scriven. John Holme.Thos Rowley, gent. John Harding.Death.
1796 Apr 15Middleton Scriven. Richard Rowley, M.A.Himself.John Holme. Death.
1812 Oct 15Middleton Scriven. Charles Fewtrell.Thomas Rowley, a minor. [3]Richard Rowley.Death.
1822 Nov 14Middleton Scriven. Thos, Rowley, B.A.Himself.Charles Fewtrell.Resignation.
1852 Dec 8Middleton Scriven. Edwin Thompson.Thomas Walker, of Wednesbury, esq.Thomas Rowley, D.D. Resignation.
1864 Mar 10Middleton Scriven. Erisey John Porter, B.A.Thomas Walker.Edwin Thompson.Cession.
1867 Jan 23Middleton Scriven. Geo. Eddison Morris, M.A.Thomas Walker, of Berhowell Hall, Co. Warwick, esq.Erisey John Porter. Resignation.
1896 Oct 14Middleton Scriven. Simmonds Atlee, M.A. Henry Atlee, gent.George Eddison Morris.Resignation.
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