Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1759 Jun 19Minsterley.CJohn Mainwaring, B.D.Thomas, viscount WeymouthRobert Wilson.Death.
1807 Aug 25Minsterley.CDavid Williams.Thomas, marquess of Bath.John Mainwaring.Death.
1811 Aug 7Minsterley.CJohn Jones.Thomas, marquess of Bath.David Williams.Death.
1830 Mar 4Minsterley.CWilliam Jones.Thomas, marquis of Bath.John Jones.Death.
1838 Apr 23Minsterley.CEmilius Nicholson.The marchioness of Bath and lord Ashburton. [2]William Jones. Cession.
1865 Apr 6Minsterley.CPhilip Edgar Pratt, M.A.The bishop, by lapse.Emilius Nicholson.Death.
1870 Oct 28Minsterley.VCharles Goddard Woodhouse, B.A.John Alexander, marquis of Bath.Philip Edgar Pratt.Cession.
1876 Nov 14Minsterley.VPeter Potter, B.A.John Alexander, marquis of Bath.Charles Goddard Woodhouse. Death.
1879 May 20Minsterley.CThomas Moore, B.A.John Alexander, marquis of Bath.Peter Potter.Cession.
1883 May 22Minsterley.CJohn Mitchell, M.A.John Alexander, marquis of Bath.Thomas Moore.Cession.
1890 Feb 24Minsterley.CFrancis Lewis Julian.John Alexander. marquis of Bath.John Mitchell.Resignation.
1891 Dec 4Minsterley.CReg. Will. Williams. John Alexander, marquis of Bath.Francis Lewis Julian. Resignation.
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