Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Apr 20Dene (i.e. Micheldean). John de Bitterley, subdeacon. (not mentioned).   
1288 Jun 15Micheldean. Henry de Dene, subd.Henry de Dene.  
1326 Nov 15Micheldean. Walter le Maryner de Gloucester, chaplain.(not mentioned).  
1334 Dec 8Micheldean. Adam Blefeld.Ralph ap Eynon.  
1337 Nov 23Mitcheldean. Richard de Norwy.Ralph ap Eynoun.Adam de Blefield.Resignation.
1418 Apr 19Mitcheldean (Magna Dene). William Whyther, chaplain.Robert ap Eynon, scutifer.John Mulso. [2]Resignation.
1462 Dec 29Mitcheldean. Master Richard Martyn. [4]Thomas Beynon, armiger.Master Giles Whytyntone.Death.
1464 Jan 26Mitcheldean. Master Geoffrey Hereford, sacre pagine professor, by his proctor, Bro. John Hart, rector of Pembridge.Thomas Beynham.Master Richard Martyn, by his proctor, William Sergeant, rector of Mitcheldean.Exchange.
1469 Sep 9Mitcheldean (Dean magna). William Sergeant.Thomas Beynam, armiger.Geoffrey, bishop of Kildare.Death.
1485 Oct 5Mitcheldean. Thomas More.Thomas Beynam, armiger.Wm. Sergeant.Death.
1524 Jan 16Mitcheldean (Magna Deane). Thomas Beynham. Alex. Beynham, eques auratus.Thomas More.Death.
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