Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1300 May 18Montgomery. Stephen de Cestrehunte, subd.The Crown.  
1315 May 11Montgomery. Nicholas de Caen, acol.The Crown.  
1330 June 26Montgomery. Walter de Nottingham.Queen Isabella.  
1340 May 11Montgomery.RRobert de Wynnesbury, rector of Little Birmingham, Norwich d. Walter de Brikyndone, rector of Montgomery.Exchange.
1349 Oct 2Montgomery. Nicholas de Hopton, clerk.The king.  
1357 May 25Montgomery. Wm. de Doverdale.Roger de Mortuo Mari, Earl of March.Nicholas de Hopton, Exchange.
1382 Aug 23Montgomery.RPhilip Mountgomery, vicar of Wanborough (Wanibergh). Robert Gilberd, rector of Montgomery.Exchange.
1392 Mar 12Montgomery.RWilliam Wade, Little Chart, Canterbury dioc.The Crown.William Godcal, Montgomery.Exchange.
1394 Jan 13Montgomery. Robert Moyll, rector of Manavon, S. Asaph dioc.The Crown (guardian of heir of Edmund, earl of March).William Wade, rector of Montgomery.Exchange.
1408 Aug 15Montgomery. Richard Skynnere, chaplain.The king.Robert Moyle.Resignation.
1454 Nov 5Montgomery. John Brugge, rector of S. Martin s, Oxford.The king, in right of his march.Master Lewis Subdon, rector of Montgomery, patron the king, in right of his march.Exchange.
1455 Sep 3Montgomery. Lewis Subdone, chapl.Duke of York.John Skynnere.Death.
1480 Sep 25Montgomery. John Smyth, chapl.Edward, eldest son of the king.John Bruge.Resignation. [1]
1520 Dec 22Montgomery. Thos. Evans, scholar and acolyte.The king.Hugh Pole.Resignation.
1520 Mar 24Montgomery. Hugh Pole, art. mag. The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1524 Jan 20Montgomery. John Roberts, in art. bac.The king.Thomas Yevans.Resignation.
1549 Oct 26Montgomery. Hugh Wood. The king.Henry Sturge.Death.
1574 Oct 27Montgomery. Hugh Mories.The queen.Ed. Grosse.Resignation.
1574 Feb 23Montgomery. Ed. Grosse.The queen.  
1678 Aug 23Montgomery. Maurice Owen, B.A. The king.Roger Jones. Death.
1722 Jan 31Montgomery. Hugo Lewis, M.A.George, prince of Wales.Maurice Owen. Death.
1742 Jul 29Montgomery. Gilbert Whittall.The king.Hugh ?Death.
1752 Mar 21Montgomery. Owen Owen, M.A.The king.Edward Whittell.Death.
1766 Jun 17Montgomery. Salusbury Pryce, D.D.The king.Owen Owen.Death.
1778 Jan 24Montgomery. Evan Humphreys, LL.B.The king.Salisbury Price.Resignation.
1781 Oct 25Montgomery. Salusbury Pryce, D.D.The king.Evan Humphreys.Death.
1794 Jan 22Montgomery. Maurice Edward Lloyd, M.A. The king.Salusbury Pryce, D.D.Death.
1831 Mar 14Montgomery. Maurice Lloyd, B.A. The king.Maurice Lloyd. Death.
1873 Oct 21Montgomery. Frederick William Parker, M.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.Maurice Lloyd.Death.
1893 Feb 17Montgomery. Ernest Will. Brown, M.A.George Charles, earl of Powis.Frederick William Parker.Resignation.
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