Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Apr 4More. W. de More.Roger de More.  
1301 Oct 7More. Simon de Langton.The Crown.  
1314 Jun 1La More. Roger de la More, subd.William de la More.  
1314 Jan 20La More. David de Knighton, priest.The bishop.  
1316 Oct 12More. Robert de la More.William de la More.  
1318 May 20More. Robert de la More, deacon. William de la More.  
1318 Mar 20More. Adam de Ailyneton, priest. [2](not mentioned).   
1349 Sep 3More. Roger de Acton.The king. [1]  
1350 Mar 1More. Hugh le Yonge, clerk. [2]The king, for this turn.  
1355 Dec 16More. Richard de Warden.The king. [4]Hugh le Yonge.Resignation.
1356 May 23More. Walter Pride, rector of Foot's-Cray (Fotiscraye).The king, guardian of the heir of William fitz-William de la More.Richard de Wardon, rector.Exchange.
1386 Jul 26More. Thos. de Moreswode, chaplain.John, lord of More. John de Marche.Death.
1392 Mar 9More. William Phelippes.The Crown (for heir of John de la More).  
1418 Jul 11More by Lydham. William Phippes, rector of Munslow.Sir John Talbot, lord of Furnival, Walter de Dodestone and Geoffrey Potter of More. [1]Walter Lawrence, rector of More by Lydham.Exchange.
1418 Mar 13More. Walter Laurence. Sir John Talbot, knt., of Furnival.William Phelypes.Death.
1471 Oct 31More. David ap Howel, junior.John Brugge de Legh, armiger.David ap Howell, senior.Resignation.
1508 Aug 23More. John ap David.The king.David ap Howell.Death.
1538 Oct 2More. George Baker.Rowland Phipps, of Church Stretton, and Wm. Spencer, of Whitton.[1]Last incumbent. Death.
1544 Dec 17More. Peter Clerke.Peter Hyggens, of Shrewsbury.George Baker.Resignation.
1554 Jun 20More. George Baker.William Jones.  
1579 Nov 25More. Edward Horne.Thomas Burnell, of Shrewsbury, gen.  
1615 Apr 4More. William Biggs, M.A. Richard Moore, gen.  
1678 Jul 18More. Daniel Wall, B.A.Richard Moor, arm.George Lawson. Death.
1687 Sep 15More. Samuel Milward, M.A.Richard More, arm.Daniel Wall.Death.
1720 Jun 28More. Edward Rogers, M.A.? Moore, widow.Samuel Milward.Death.
1741 Jul 2More. Robt. Daubrie, M.A. Robert More, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1747 Sep 15More. Joseph Taylor, M.A. Robert More, esq.Robert Daubrie.Cession.
1749 Dec 28More. Richard Cotton.Robert More, esq.Joseph Taylor.Resignation.
1761 Mar 5More. Thomas Haslewood. Robert More, of Linley, esq.Richard Cotton.Death.
1776 May 15More. Robt. Taylor, M.A. Robert More, of Linley, esq.Thomas Hazlewood.Death.
1833 Oct 17More. Thos. Fred. More, B.A.Robert Bridgman More, of Linley Hall, esq.Robert Taylor.Death.
1860 Jun 22More. Arthur Somery Male, M.A.Thos. Fredk. More, of Linley Hall, clerk.Thomas Fredk. More. Resignation.
1888 Nov 23More. Edgar Will. Cockell, M.A.Robert Jasper More. esq., M.P.Arthur Somery Male.Death.
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