Moreton and Whaddon

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Oct 29Morton and Waddon Chapel. Ralph de Hengham.   
1310 Feb 20Moreton and Whaddon.PHamo de Sandwich, priest.The bishop.Ralph de Hengham.Death.
1312 Mar 22Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn de Winchelsea, canon.The bishop.Hamo de Sandwich.Exchange.
1316 Sep 6Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn de Olham, priest.The bishop.John de Winchelsea.Resignation.
1349 Oct 2Moreton and Whaddon.PRichard de Retford, rector of Newton, in the diocese of Lincoln. Henry de Resteshale of Campeden, canon.Exchange.
1368 Oct 29Moreton and Whaddon.PMaster Roger de Suttone. Master William Byrmyncham.Exchange.
1386 Mar 30Morton and Whaddon.PGuy Mone, rector of Saltwood. Walter Prene, canon.Exchange.
1396 Oct 20Whaddon and Moreton.PWalter Ameny.The bishop.Guy Mone.Resignation.
1399 Jul 8Morton and Whaddon.PRichard Winschcombe, prebendary of Llandogy in Algwybychurch.The bishop.Walter Jakes, prebendary of Morton and Whaddon.Exchange.
1399 Jul 24Moreton and Whaddon.PRichard Winschcombe.The bishop.  
1404 Nov 17Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Brugge.The bishop.Richd. Wynchcombe.Death.
1407 Aug 24Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Baysham, chaplain.The bishop.Master John Burgge.Death.
1412 Apr 8Moretone Whaddon.PMaster Thos. Balding, preceptor of the hospital of S. Wolstan, Worcester.The bishop.John Baysham.Resignation.
1415 Oct 14Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Baysham, rector of Hanslope.The bishop.Master Thos.Baldynge.Resignation.
1420 Sep 16Morton Whaddon.PWilliam Ingram, chaplain.The bishop.John Baysham.Resignation.
1426 Nov 8Moreton and Whaddon.PThomas Burton, canon of Salisbury Cathedral.The bishop.William Ingram, prebendary of Moreton and Whaddon.Exchange.
1430 Mar 2Morton & Whaddon.PNicholas Dyxtone.The bishop.Thos. Burton.Death.
1446 Jul 18Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Breton.The bishop.  
1446 Jul 18Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Breton, canon and prebendary of Ferles, in the diocese of Chichester.The bishop.Thomas Ringstede, canon and prebendary of Moreton and Whaddon.Exchange.
1465 Jun 13Moreton and Whaddon.PBro. Walter Hunt, sacre theol. prof. [1]The bishop.  
1479 Oct 15Morton and Whaddon.PAdrian de Bardis, clerk.The bishop. [1]Walter Hunt.Death.
1479 Feb 10Morton and Whaddon.PAdrian de Bardis, clerk.The bishop. [1]Walter Hunt. Death.
1480 Aug 20Morton and Whaddon.POliver Sompnour, in dec. bac.The bishop.Adrian de Bardis.Resignation.
1508 Feb 14Morton and Whaddon.PMaster Christopher Twynyho.The bishop.John Wodroff.Resignation.
1509 Dec 18Morton and Whaddon.PWilliam Gobard, scholasticus.The bishop. [4]Chris. Twynowe.Death.
1512 May 24Moreton and Whaddon.PMaster Wm. Grey, archdeacon of Berks. [7]The bishop.Wm. Gobert.Resignation.
1522 Feb 17Morton and Whaddon.PDavid Walker, in leg. bac.The bishop. [6]Master William Grey. Death.
1526 Sep 6Morton and Whaddon.PHugh Pole, art. mag. The bishop.David Walker.Vacated certo modo.
1529 Aug 1Morton with Whaddon chapel.PGeoffrey Downes, theol. prof.The bishop.Hugh Pole.Death.
1565 Jul 28Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Lytlegrome.The bishop.   
1574 Oct 11Moreton and Whaddon.PThom. Staller, M.A. The bishop.  
1575 Mar 6Moreton and Whaddon.PTheophilus Jones.The bishop.Thomas Staller. Resignation.
1625 Feb 1Moreton and Whaddon.PPaul Godwin, S.T.P. The bishop.   
1681 Jun 27Moreton and Whaddon.PMichael Stephens, M.A.The bishop.Edward Jones, M.A.Death.
1713 May 1Moreton and Whaddon.PRobert Kyfiin, M.A. The bishop.Michael Stephens. Death.
1724 Aug 10Moreton and Whaddon.PWilliam Beasley, M.A.The bishop.Robert Kyffin. Death.
1732 Sep 9Moreton and Whaddon.PRobert Eyton, M.A. The bishop.Henry Knight. Death.
1751 Sep 9Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Ewer, M.A.The bishop.Robert Eyton, D.D. Death.
1756 Nov 15Moreton and Whaddon.PThos. Evans, M.A.The bishop.John Ewer. Resignation.
1760 Oct 9Moreton and Whaddon.PSir Peter Rivers,The bishop.Thomas Evans, bart , M.A.Resignation.
1790 Aug 25Moreton and Whaddon.PHenry Ford, LL.D. The bishop.Sir Peter Rivers Gay, bart. Death.
1791 Aug 12Moreton and Whaddon.PRobert Holmes, D.D.The bishop.Henry Ford, LL.D. Resignation.
1805 Dec 25Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Carr, B.D.The bishop.Robert Holmes, D.D. Death.
1807 May 12Moreton and Whaddon.PLove Robertson, M.A.The bishop.John Carr. Resignation.
1846 Nov 30Moreton and Whaddon.PRobert Norgrave Pemberton, M.A.The bishop.Love Robertson. Death.
1848 Dec 12Moreton and Whaddon.PGeorge Clerk, M.A. The bishop.Robt. Norgrave Pemberton. Death.
1875 Jan 1Moreton and Whaddon. James Davies, M.A.The bishop.George Clark.Death.
1883 Apr 6Moreton and Whaddon.PJohn Bnrd, M.A.The bishop.James Davies. Death.
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