Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1305 May 31Munsley. Walter de Lugwardine, priest.Richard de la Lynde.  
1310 Feb 20Munsley.VWilliam de Bokenhale, priest.Robert de Sheppey, rector.  
1315 Nov 24Munsley. William de Chaundos, acol. [3]Gerard de Eylesford.  
1316 Feb 13Munsley. John de Clippeston, acol.Richard de la Lynde.  
1324 Jun 26Munsley. William de Ludlow, clerk. (not mentioned).  
1349 Jul 12Munsley (Monselowe). Adam de Hopton, clerk.The king. [1]Wm. de Ludlowe.Death.
1354 Nov 17Munsley. Walter de Atherstone.John de la Lynde.Adam de Waltham.Exchange.
1357 Jul 2Munsley. John de Middelton.Earl of March. [3] Exchange.
1357 Jul 2Munsley. John de Middelton, rector of Liddiard Tregooze. Walter de Atherston, rector.Exchange.
1361 Feb 11Munsley. Peter de Preston, clerk.John de la Lynne.John de Middeltone.Resignation.
1364 Jan 11Munsley. Regd. Moniword.The king.Peter de Prestone.Death.
1403 Feb 1Munsley. Thos. Alway, chapl.Roger Hoore.  
1404 Mar 16Munsley. Peter Bakere, chaplain.Sir John Eylysford, knt.Richard Newport.Resignation.
1413 Jun 8Munsley. John Ely, rector of Mathon (Matheme).Sir John Eynesford, knt.Thomas Ayllewey.Exchange.
1413 Oct 30Munsley. Richard Brompton, vicar of Ocle Pychard.Roger Hoore hac vice.John Ely.Exchange.
1417 Nov 17Munsley. John Taylor, vicar of Welsh Bicknor.John Molborne hac vice.Richard Brompton, rector of Munsley.Exchange.
1421 Nov 16Munsley. Richard Moos.Agnes Hore.  
1426 Jun 25Munsley. Thomas Naysch, rector of Cotington.John Mulborne.Richard Moos, rector of Munsley.Exchange.
1457 Dec 22Munsley. James Clote.Symon Milburne.Thos. Nasshe.Death.
1466 Oct 7Munsley. William Feeld, vicar of Homme Lacy.John Cromehale.James Clotte, rector of Munsley.Exchange.
1467 Nov 17Munsley. Hugh ap Howell.Simon Milborne, armiger.William ap Howell.Resignation.
1487 Feb 25Munsley (Monnesley). Thomas Balkyn, deacon.John Cromhale, for this turn.Hugh ap Howell.Death.
1490 Jul 6Munsley. John Gough, chapl.Symon Milborne, armiger, hac vice.Thos. Bulkyne.Death.
1492 Nov 10Munsley. John Jesope, sac. theol. bac.John Cromall.John Gage.Resignation.
1506 Aug 9Munsley. Thos. Cartwright.Roger Crombold, generosus.Thos. Hoppe.Death.
1508 Nov 6Munsley. Thomas Sparry.Simon Mylleborne.Thos. Cartwright.Resignation.
1509 Mar 24Munsley (Moundesley). William Sperry.Roger Gromold, generosus.Thos. Sparry.Resignation.
1547 May 14Munsley. Thomas Capelle.Anna Rudhall of Rudhall, widow.William Sparrye.Death.
1562 Jul 30Munsley. Rowland Jauncey. [1]John Dobbyns, gen.De jure tunc vacantem. De jure vacant.
1616 Sep 13Munsley. Richard Jauncey.John Rudhall, Thom. Price, and Herbert Westfailing, armigers.   
1684 Dec 4Munsley. John King, M.A.Sir Robert Pye.William Dobbins. Death.
1723 Sep 19Munsley. Walter Symonds, M.A.Richard Allington Pye, arm. John King.Death.
1738 Feb 2Munsley. John Swinton, M.A. Edward Allington Pye, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1739 Feb 16Munsley. Thomas Palmer, M.A.Richard Allington Pye, esq,John Swinton.Resignation.
1769 Jun 13Munsley. Thomas Griffiths, M.A.Richard Alington Pye, of Middle Hill, Broadway, Co. Worc., esq.Thomas Palmer. Death.
1785 Jul 27Munsley. Thomas Cox.William Turton, [1] esq.Thomas Griffiths.Death.
1806 Mar 18Munsley. James Horseman, M.A.Thomas Longueville Jones, of Oswestry, gent., and Ann Jones, of Whitchurch, spinster.Thomas Cox, D.D.Death.
1813 Aug 28Munsley. Turner Edwards, M.A.Executors of Edwd. Jones, of Whitchurch, Co. Salop, surgeon.James Horseman. Cession.
1814 Aug 19Munsley. William Domville.Thomas Longueville Jones, of Oswestry, gent., and Ann Jones, of Whitchurch, spinster.Turner Edwards. Cession.
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