Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1396 Dec 14Munslow. William Cachepoll, rector of Newport, Lichfield dioc.Wm. Beauchamp.William Pychardyn, rector of Munslow.Exchange.
1400 Apr 28Munslow. Richard Leyntwardyn, rector of Dile, Canterbury dioc.The bishop.William Cachepoll, rector of Munslow.Exchange.
1407 Jan 2Munslow. John Sutton, chaplain and registrar.The bishop, by lapse.  
1410 Apr 7Munslowe by Aston in Corvedale. John Sutton, bishop's registrar.John Boerley, Bromcroft. [5b]John Sutton. [6]Resignation.
1416 Jun 30Munslowe. William Phelipes, chaplain.William Burley, lord of Bromscroft.John Suttone.Death.
1418 Jul 11Munslow. Walter Lawrence, rector of More by Lydham.William Boerley of Bromcroft, scutifer.William Phippes, rector of Munslow.Exchange.
1422 Dec 1Munslow. Roger Stedeman, chapl. [1]William Boerley de Bromecroft.Walter Lawrence.Resignation.
1423 Sep 28Munslow. John Wheler, chapl.William Busley.Roger Stedemon.Resignation.
1433 Oct 6Munslow. John Boldesley, chapl. [1]William Boerley Bromecroft.John de Bokeneld.Resignation.
1440 Oct 4Munslow. Wm. Monyntone.John Tredevvyn.  
1471 Sep 15Munslow (Monslowe). David ap Howel, rector of More.Margaret, relict of William Burley.Wm. Honsome.Death.
1479 Oct 24Munslow (Monyslowe). Wm. Tagg. chapl.Richd. Wallewayne, hac vice, in right of Margaret, his wife.David ap Hoel.Death.
1506 Sep 24Munslow. John Lloyd.The king. [4]Last incumbent.Resignation.
1528 Sep 11Munslow. John Lytylton.John Lytylton, armiger.John Lloyde.Death.
1554 Jul 28Munslow. Roger Normacotte.John, Earl of Oxford.  
1576 Mar 24Munslow. Roger Stedman.Thomas Litleton, of Munslow.  
1580 Jan 17Munslow. Roger Stedman.The queen, hac vice.  
1676 Mar 6Munslow. Vincent Owen.Sir Thom. Littleton, bart.George Littleton.Death.
1703 Apr 10Munslow. Thomas Hotchkis, [1] M.A. Vincent Owen.Death.
1749 Dec 9Munslow. Thomas William Read, B.A.Thomas Powys. esq.John Lynn.Death.
1749 Feb 20Munslow. John Lynn, M.A.Thomas Powys, of Lifford, in the county of Northampton, esq.Thomas Hoskis. Death.
1761 May 12Munslow. Thomas Powys,Thomas Powys. of Lilford, esq.Francis William Read.Resignation.
1762 Nov 8Munslow. Edward Poole, M,A. Thomas Powys, of Lilford, Co. Northampton, esq.Thomas Powys. Cession.
1776 May 16Munslow. Richard Powell, M.A.Thos. Powell, gent,Edward Poole.Death.
1806 Jul 7Munslow. Richard Powell, M.A.Himself.Richard Powell.Death.
1846 Mar 26Munslow. Thos. Crump Powell. Himself (for this turn).Richard Powell.Death.
1891 Jul 16Munslow. Geo. Bather Powell, B.A.Himself.Thomas Crump Powell.Death.
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