Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1294 Oct 28Neenton. Ralph de Arraz.(not mentioned).  
1294 Oct 28Neenton. William de Skelly, priest.The bishop.  
1304 Nov 17Neenton. Thomas de Neenton, priest. The bishop.  
1321 Jan 19Neenton. Thomas de Glasleye, sub-deacon.Adam Arras.  
1349 Aug 1Neenton. William le Forte. Ralph de Arras.  
1361 Dec 9Neenton. Thomas de Farncote.Ralph de Arras, lord of Neenton.  
1399 Nov 12Neenton. Roger Murimore.John Darras.  
1473 Jun 13Neenton. Richard Stokys, chapl.Sir Humph. Talbot, knt.Nicholas Latewaite.Resignation.
1475 Jun 2Neenton (Neynton). Thos. ap Meredith. [2]Sir Humph. Talbot, knt.Richard Stokys. [6]Resignation. [6]
1481 Oct 30Neenton. Robt. Knolle, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1510 Dec 14Neenton. Thomas Stevyns.The bishop, by lapse.  
1537 Mar 2Neenton. William Smythe. Thomas and Fulk Barrett of Braundone. [2]Thomas Stevyens. Resignation.
1554 Jul 3Neenton. John Holte.Thom. Smythe, arm.  
1564 Apr 8Neenton. Geoffrey Smalman. Humfrey Hill de Bewdley  
1615 Mar 3Neenton. Thomas Wilkes, B.A. The bishop, by lapse.  
1661 Apr 15Neenton. Richard Detton.John Travell, arm.  
1668 Aug 8Neenton. Giles Kettilbey.John Travell, arm.Richard Detton. Death.
1676 Jan 27Neenton. Samuel Eyre, M.A.Jane Travell.Giles Kettleby.Death.
1678 Aug 28Neenton. Reginald Eyre.Thomas Travell, arm. Samuel Eyre.Cession.
1688 Mar 3Neenton. Edward Thomas, B.A.Sir Thomas Travell.Reginald Eyre.Death.
1690 May 1Neenton. John Hamersley, M.A.Sir Thomas Travell.Edward Thomas.Death.
1699 Mar 11Neenton.     
1715 Jan 12Neenton. John Cupper, B.A.Sara Done, widow.Henry Stephens.Death.
1721 Jun 11Neenton. Thom. Lyster, B.A.Richd. Lyster, arm.John Cupper. Death.
1724 Jul 30Neenton. Humphrey Gwyn, B.A.Richd. Lyster, cleric. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1734 Dec 10Neenton. Thomas Hill.Richard Lyster, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1747 Nov 27Neenton. John Purcell.Richard Lyster, esq.Thomas Hill. Death.
1787 Mar 13Neenton. Thos. Moses Lyster, M.A.Richard Lyster, of Rowton, esq. (now resident in Richmond, Surrey).John Purcell. Death.
1821 Sep 15Neenton. Will. Rose Stephenson.Hen, Lyster, of Rowton Castle, esq.Thomas Moses Lyster. Death.
1841 Aug 28Neenton. John Hollier Stephenson.Himself and William StephensonWilliam Rose Stephenson.Death.
1842 May 18Neenton. John Fredk. Benwell, M.A.Thos. Lovegrave, of Reading, gent.John Will. Stephenson.Cession.
1865 Apr 11Neenton. Samuel Warren, M.A.Lady Charlotte Barbara Leyster, of Newton Castle, Salop, widow.John Fredk. Benwell. Death.
1870 Jun 24Neenton. John Chichester Burnand Chichester, LL.B.Lady Charlotte Barbara Lyster, widow. Samuel Warren. Death.
1895 Mar 21Neenton. John Charles Lyons, B.A.Montagu, lord Rowton.John Chichester Burnard Chichester.Death.
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