Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Nov 11Newton. Richard de Tedestile.Johanna de Newton.  
1355 Nov 18Newton. Eynon, son of Philip of Newton, chaplain.The bishop.  
1399 Sep 29Newton. John Smyth, chapl.Hosp. of St. John of Jerusalem.  
1861 Jan 23Newton.CPaul Hyman Sternchuss.Charles Proberts, as vicar of Clodock.Joseph Walker Jenkins.Death.
1875 May 7Newton.CGeo. Vaux Collison, B.A.Charles Proberts, as vicar of Bayton.Paul Hyman Sternchuss Strong. Resignation.
1885 Jan 29Newton.CWill. Storer Sellon.Geo. Vaux Collison, as vicar of Clodock.George Vaux Collison.Cession.
1888 May 3Newton.CGeorge John Tuck, B.A.Geo. Vaux Collison, as vicar of Clodock.William Storer Sellon.Cession.
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