Norton Canon

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1510 May 19Norton Canon.PHugh Pole, arcium mag.The bishop.Edm. Frocetour.Resignation.
1511 Jul 25Norton Canon.PJohn Oliver, alias Smythe.The bishop.Hugh Poole.Resignation.
1512 Jul 16Norton Canon.PThos. Chipnam, arcium mag.The bishop.John Olyver.Resignation.
1529 Nov 21Norton Canon.PWilliam Marbule, in leg. bac.The bishop.Robert Parkehurst. Resignation.
1634 Dec 26Norton Canon.VJohn Clarke, M.A.The king.   
1729 Jul 5Norton Canon.VGeo. Harvey, B.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Thomas Barnes.Cession.
1750 Jun 8Norton Canon.VWilliam Felton.The dean and chapter of Hereford.William Senhouse.Death.
1769 Aug 21Norton Canon. John Pitman, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.William Felton. Resignation.
1775 Aug 31Norton Canon.VHenry Taswell, B.A. The dean and chapter of Hereford.John Pitman.Death.
1780 Apr 10Norton Canon.VBenjamin Winston, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Henry Taswell.Resignation.
1790 Aug 21Norton Canon.VWilliam Jenkins.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Benj. Winston.Cession.
1865 Sep 9Norton Canon.VChas John Robinson, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford. Richard Brooke.Resignation.
1877 Jul 29Norton Canon.VHenry Bernard Derham Marshall, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Charles John Robinson.Cession.
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