Old Radnor

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Sep 23Old Radnor. Hugh de Rysebury, subd.Dame Matilda Mortimer.  
1300 Aug 14Old Radnor. Th. de Mors, acolyte.Dame Matilda Mortimer.  
1309 Sep 3Old Radnor. John de Walwyn, priest.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1335 Apr 21Old Radnor. Bartholomew Tyel.The Crown.  
1363 Apr 30Old Radnor. John de Brydwode.Philippa, countess of March.Master Walter de Hortesley.Death.
1390 Jul 1Old Radnor. John Ingayn, rector of Aldenham, Lincoln dioc. Thomas Atherton, rector of Old Radnor.Exchange.
1412 Jul 16Old Radnor. Master Richard Talbot, rector of Kingsland (Kingslane).The king.John Ingayn.Exchange.
1413 Apr 24Old Radnor. Richard Cowdray, warden of the free chapel of Hentles.The king.Richard Talbot.Exchange.
1415 Feb 27Old Radnor. William Batsford, rector of Berkeswell.Edmund, Earl of March.William Coudray.Exchange.
1430 Jun 16Old Radnor. Thomas Yonge. [1]The Crown (for Richard, duke of York, a minor).Wm. Battisford.Death.
1441 Mar 1Old Radnor. Wm. Estby, chapl.Richard, duke of York.Richard Thirburn.Resignation.
1463 Jan 3Old Radnor. John ap Richard, rector of the parish church of Ludlow.The king Edward, "racione comitatus marchie".John Bromehille, rector of Old Radnor.Exchange.
1510 Jan 16Old Radnor. Humphrey Blackborne.Gerard Fitzmaurice, son and heir of Gerard, earl of Kildare. [5]Owen Pole.Death.
1512 Feb 14Old Radnor. Geoffrey Lewis.The king.Hum. Blackborne.Death.
1545 Sep 14Old Radnor. Ed. Davies, M.A.The king, royal chaplain.Griffin Lewys.Death.
1554 Aug 13Old Radnor. Walter Willat.The dean and chapter of Worcester.   
1579 Dec 4Old Radnor.VJohn Davies.The dean and chapter of Worcester.   
1683 Nov 19Old Radnor.VJohn Sayre, M.A.The dean and chapter of Worcester. John Sayre, sen.Resignation.
1784 Dec 3Old Radnor. William Lucas.The dean and chapter of Worcester. David Williams.Death.
1809 Jun 24Old Radnor. Thomas Powell, B.A. The dean and chapter of Worcester. William Lucas.Death.
1834 Apr 26Old Radnor.VHen. Fullilove Mogridge, B.A.The dean and chapter of Worcester. Thomas Powell.Death.
1874 May 26Old Radnor with chapel of Kenarton.VAugustus Barron Dickinson, M.A.The dean and chapter of Worcester. Hen. Fulelove Mogridge. Death.
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