Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1669 Nov 9Orleton.VThomas Whittle.The king.Richard Fletcher. Death.
1687 Apr 23Orleton.VMatthew Whittell.Valentine Dawes.Thomas Whittell.Cession.
1702 Oct 14Orleton.VBenjamin Howton.Valentine Daws, arm. Matthew Whittell. Death.
1733 Jul 11Orleton.VHenry Proctor, B.A. John King, D.D., Hanbury Walthall, and the governors of Lucton School.Benj. Howton. Death.
1766 Feb 14Orleton.VThomas Procter, M.A.Governors of Lucton School.Henry Procter.Resignation.
1816 Jan 8Orleton.VJohn Thomas, M.A. Governors of Lucton School.Thomas Proctor.Death.
1838 Sep 23Orleton. Edward Jonathan Green, B.A.Governors of Lucton School.John Thomas.Death.
1853 Jul 18Orleton.VWill. Edw. Edwards, M.A.Governors of Lucton School.Edward Jonathan Green.Cession.
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