Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1300 Aug 18Pontesbury.PWilliam de Monkton.John fitz-Reginald.David fitz-Reginald.Vacated.
1306 Aug 13Pontesbury.PWilliam de Aystone.Rees ap Howel.Nicholas.Vacated.
1308 Feb 24Pontesbury.PPhilip ap Howel.Rees ap Howel.William de Monketon.Death.
1316 Mar 6Pontesbury.PThomas de Charlton, deacon.Sir John de Charlton.Robert de Ratford.Vacated.
1322 Jan 29Pontesbury.PWilliam de Aston, acolyte. [3]John de Charleton.William Rode. 
1345 Oct 22Pontesbury. John de Sheynton.Sir John de Cherleton, lord of Powys.Griffin de Cherleton, clerk.Exchange.
1352 Nov 18Pontesbury.PWm. de Cherleton, clerk.Sir John Cherleton.Philip ap Howel.Death.
1355 Sep 6Pontesbury.PJohn de Scheynton, rector of Egmanton.William de Charlton, portioner. Exchange. [1]
1356 Sep 6Pontesbury.PJohn de Scheynton.Sir John de Cherleton. Exchange.
1356 Dec 1Pontesbury.PHumph. de Cherleton, sancte theologie doctor.John de Cherleton, lord of Powys. John de Scheynton.Death.
1359 Aug 17Pontesbury.PGriffith de Cherleton, clerk.Sir John de Cherleton, lord of Powys.Humphrey de Cherleton.Resignation.
1359 Aug 17Pontesbury.PHumphrey de Cherleton.Sir John de Cherleton.Lewis de Cherleton, licentiate in theology.Exchange.
1367 Nov 26Pontesbury.PJohn de Rodene.Sir John Cherletone, lord of Powys. [2]Wm. de Astone.Death.
1384 Feb 25Pontesbury.PJohn, son of Thos. Gethe, clerk.John de Chorltone, lord of Powys. [1]Grifin de Chorltone.Death.
1387 Jun 4Pontesbury.PHowell, son of David Hobbeech.Sir John Charltone, lord of Powys.John Goche.Death.
1394 Dec 20Pontesbury.PThomas Newport.Johanna de Cherleton.Walter Ryde.Vacated.
1396 Mar 6Pontesbury.PJohn Goumon, chapl.Johanna de Cherletone.  
1397 Jul 5Pontesbury.PRichard Husey.Johanna, lady of Powiss.  
1402 Nov 5Pontesbury.PJohn Borley.Edwd. de Charlton.  
1413 Jul 15Pontesbury. John Carpunter, chaplain.Edward de Charleton, lord of Powys.Thomas Rushbury, alias Bowlas.Death.
1413 Dec 28Pontesbury.PMaster William Corne, sac. pag. professor.Edw. Charletone, lord of Powys.William Boerley.Resignation.
1417 Sep 13Pontesbury.PDavid ap Thomas, chaplain.Sir Edward de Charletone. William Coryt.Death.
1417 Oct 20Pontesbury.PJohn Carpenter.Sir Edward de Cherletone, knt.Hugh Holbache. Death.
1417 Dec 18Pontesbury.PThos Bradshaw, a clerk to the duke of Bedford.Sir Edwd. Charleton, lord of Powys.John Carpenter.Resignation.
1442 Dec 10Portion of Childshall in Pontesbury. William London. [3]John Sutton.John Carpynter.Death.
1446 Dec 7Pontesbury, portion with cure of souls. Thomas Massy.Henry Grey, earl of Tankerville.Thomas Bradshawe.Resignation.
1453 Oct 31Pontesbury.PJohn Gomond, canon and prebendary of the canonry and prebend entitled S. Gabriel's, in the free royal chapel of S. Mary s, Shrewsbury.John, earl of Worcester, lord of Tiptot and Powys, son of John, late lord of Tiptot.Lawrence Roche, prebendary of the prebend or free portion called Goldhalle, in the collegiate church of Pontesbury.Exchange.
1464 Apr 25Pontesbury.PWilliam Tetley. [1]Richard Gray, lord of Powys.Thos. Massy.Death.
1464 Aug 6Pontesbury. Richard Salter, bac. in legibus. [3]Sir Richard Graye, lord of Powys.John Ketley.Resignation.
1466 Mar 2Pontesbury. Robert Overtone, chapl.William Ludlowe, armiger.John Wodertone.Death.
1471 Oct 1Pontesbury. Thomas Danet, theol. prof. [4]The king. [5]John Gomond.Death.
1476 Nov 3Pontesbury. Thomas Barbour, clerk. [1]John, lord of Dudley, and Elizabeth, his wife.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1487 Jan 4Pontesbury.PDavid Perys, chapl.John Grey, lord of Powys.? [1]Death.
1490 May 23Pontesbury. John Hervy, in dec. bac.John Grey, lord of Powys.  
1520 Mar 13Pontesbury.PJohn Cole.The king. [5]Richard Salter. Death.
1520 Mar 14Pontesbury.PWilliam Tofte, one of the king's chap-lains.The king. [5]Thomas Jenyns.Death.
1522 Apr 1Pontesbury. Thomas Shylley.The king, guardian of the earl of Powys.William Grey.Death.
1522 Feb 27Pontesbury.PJohn Fyssher.The king, during minority of Edward, earl of Powys.William Tofte. [7]Resignation.
1529 Jul 30Pontesbury. William Gwynne. [4] Sir Edwd. Greye, lord of Powys.Master Thomas Shelley. Death.
1532 Aug 9Pontesbury. Lewis Baker.Sir Edward Gray, lord of Powys.John Fyssher. [1]Resignation.
1536 Mar 9Pontesbury. Michael Bromstall, Lord Powys.Lewis Baker. Death.
1536 Mar 13Pontesbury. John ap Rees ap Gryffyth, a Cistercian monk. [2]Lord Powys.John Cole.Death.
1540 Nov 26Pontesbury. Ric. Wycherley.Sir Ed. Grey.William Gwyn.Death.
1575 May 13Pontesbury. Roger Normecott.Henry and John Vernon, arm.Last holder.Death.
1576 May 5Pontesbury. Edward Typton.Thomas and John Vernon, arm.Michael Bromscall.Death.
1614 Oct 13Pontesbury. Thomas Higgins.Roger Owen, miles.   
1614 Nov 28Pontesbury. Henry Gibbons, M.A.Roger Owen, miles.   
1671 May 11Pontesbury. Gilbert Cole.Thomas Owen, of Condover, arm.Timothy Hammond.Death.
1672 Sep 23Pontesbury. William Owen, B.A. The bishop, by lapse.William Owen.Death.
1682 Oct 5Pontesbury. Adam Ottley, M.A.Sir Richard Corbett, bart.William Owen.Death.
1682 Mar 13Pontesbury. Ralph Harper.Nehemiah Scott.Ralph Murrall.Death.
1707 Jan 25Pontisbury. Henry Baldwyn, M.A.Francis Baldwyn.Henry Harper.Death.
1710 Oct 5Pontisbury. Henry Baldwyn, M.A.Francis Baldwyn, gen.Gilbert Cole.Death.
1713 Jul 18Pontisbury, portion in. Robt. Comyn, M. A. The queen.Adam Ottley.Preferment to bishopric of St. David's.
1737 Aug 18Pontisbury. Humphrey Gwyn, B.A.Trafford Barnston, esq., and Letitia, his wife, daughter and heir of Roger Owen, late of Condover.Last incumbent.Death.
1737 Nov 27Pontisbury. Roger Barnston,Trafford Barnston, esq. (as above).Edward Baldwyn.Death.
1740 Mar 7Pontisbury. Roger Barnston, M.A.Trafford and Letitia Barnston.Roger Barnston.Resignation.
1749 Nov 28Pontisbury. Benjamin Wingfield, M.A.Trafford Barnston, esq., and Letitia, his wife.Humph. Gwynn. Death.
1763 Dec 19Pontisbury. David Pritchard, M.A.Sir Richd. Corbett of Lognor, bart., Godolphin Edwards of Fradgley, esq., and Thomas Hill of Tearn, esq. [1]Roger Barnston.Resignation.
1764 Feb 10Pontisbury. Roger Barnston, M.A.Sir Richard Corbett, etc. (as above). [2]Benj. Wingfield.Death.
1764 Nov 29Pontisbury. Charles Newling, M.A.Sir Richard Corbett, etc. (as above). [2]William Dale. [RL: faint??]Death.
1769 Sep 22Pontisbury. Edward Leighton, B.A.Nicholas Smyth, of Condover, esq., and Anna Maria, his wife. [1]Charles Newling. Resignation.
1775 Aug 30Pontisbury. Edward Leighton, B.A.Nicholas Smyth, esq., and Anna Maria, his wife.Last incumbent.Cession.
1783 Mar 4Pontisbury. Osborne Wight, M.A.Nich Owen Smythe, of Condover, esq. [1]Roger Barnston.Death.
1795 Apr 22Pontisbury. Forester Leighton, B.A.Nich. Owen Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.David Pritchard. Death.
1797 Sep 4Pontisbury. Forester Leighton, B.A.Nich. Owen Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1800 Mar 19Pontisbury. Joseph Langford, B.A.John Hand. of Whitchurch. esq.Osborne Wight.Death.
1804 Jun 20Pontisbury. Chas. Peters, M.A. Visitors of John Nicholls' Foundation, Queen's College, Oxford. Edward Leighton.Death.
1807 Aug 15Pontisbury. John Wylde, M.A.Edw. Will. Smythe Pemberton, of Longnor, esq.Forester Leighton. Death.
1809 Dec 8Pontisbury. Hamlet Harrison, B.D.Joseph Harrison, of Park Stile, Walton, Co. Lancs., gent.Joseph Langford. Death.
1814 Jun 21Pontisbury. John Wilde, B.A.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1824 Apr 23Pontisbury. Charles Drury, M.A. The bishop.Charles Peters.Death.
1830 Feb 15Pontisbury. William Vaughan, M.A.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, esq.John Wilde. Death.
1844 Feb 23Pontesbury. John Richd. Tetlow, M.A.Thos. Harrison, John Ryecroft, and John Fleetwood.Hamlet Harrison. Death.
1847 Sep 28Pontesbury. William Harrison, M.A.Thos. Harrison, of West Derby, Co. Lancs., farmer. [1]John Rich. Tallow. Resignation.
1867 May 17Pontesbury. Lionel Corbett, M.A. Reginald Cholmondeley, of Condover, esq.William Vaughan. Death.
1869 Mar 8Pontesbury with Cruckton. Saml. John Hawkes, M.A.Queen's College, Oxford.Charles Drury. Death.
1873 May 17Pontesbury. Algernon Godfrey Kingsford.Reg. Cholmondeley, of Condover, esqLionel Corbett.Cession.
1882 Jul 22Pontesbury. Edward Mainwaring Furley, M.A.Henry de Grey Warter, esq.Algernon Godfrey Kingsford. Cession.
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