Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1412 Oct 26Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PFulk Stafford, bach. in law.The bishop.Richard Talbot.Resignation.
1412 Mar 3Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PMaster Nicholas Colnet.The bishop. [2]Master Ralf Stafford.Death.
1413 Dec 12Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PRobt. Felton, clerk of the king's closet.The bishop.Master Nich. Colnet.Resignation.
1416 Jul 29Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PMaster John Bridbrok, lic. in law.The bishop.Robert Feltone.Resignation.
1432 Aug 9Precentor of Hereford Cathedral.PWilliam Lochard, prebendary of the Chapel Royal, Windsor.The bishop.John Bridbrok, precentor of Hereford Cathedral.Exchange.
1463 Dec 23Precentorship in cathedral. John Baily, bach. in legibus. [2]The bishop.Wm. Middelham.Death.
1479 Sep 8Precentorship in cathedral. Thomas Downe.The bishop.John Bayly.Death.
1480 Feb 9Precentorship of cathedral. Master Thomas Downe. [3]The bishop.  
1489 Apr 3Precentorship in cathedral. John Hervy. [3]The bishop.? [4]? [4]
1515 Oct 21Precentorship of cathedral.PWm. Portare, theol. bac., warden of coll. of S. Mary Winton, Oxford.The bishop.Robt. Kent.Death.
1524 Nov 6Precentorship and bishop's prebend.PRowland Philippes, in theol. lit.The bishop.William Porter. Death.
1554 Aug 20Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PWilliam Chell, Mus. Bac.John Harford and Richard Wilson, to whom the presentation pro hac vice was granted by John. late bishop of Hereford.  
1557 Jan 8Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PJohn Parfey.The bishop.  
1573 May 28Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThomas Thorneton.The bishop.Walter Jones. Death.
1682 Oct 25Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PWilliam Brabourne, D.D.Sir William Juxon, bart., executor of the will of William, late archbishop of Canterbury, hac vice.Francis Croft.Death.
1685 Mar 16Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThom. Seddon, alias Sidney, D.D.The bishop.William Brabourne. Death.
1686 Feb 15Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PWilliam Watts, B.D. The bishop.Thomas Seddon, alias Sidney.Death.
1722 Oct 29Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThomas Wishaw, M.A.The bishop.William Watts.Death.
1756 Jul 1Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PEdward Ballard, D.D.The bishop.Thomas Wishaw. Death.
1771 Aug 13Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Edward Ballard. Death.
1775 Dec 30Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PHenry Beauclerk, M.A.The bishop.Charles Morgan. Resignation.
1817 Dec 17Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThos. Huntingford, M.A.The bishop.Hon. Hen. Beauclerk.Death.
1855 Jun 4Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PSir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, bart., M.A., Mus. Doc.The bishop.Thomas Huntingtord. Death.
1890 Dec 20Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral.PJohn Hampton, M.A.The bishop.Sir Fredk. Arthur Gore Ouseley, bart.Death.
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