Priorship of Flanesford

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1383 Apr 20Priorship of Flanesford.PThomas Newbold.The bishop, by lapse.Prior.Death.
1400 Jun 28Priorship of Flanesford.PJohn Waller, canon of Wormesley.Sir Hugh Walton.  
1403 Feb 18Priorship of Flanesford.PJohn Walley.The Crown (guardian of Gilbert Talbot).  
1407 Jul 11Priorship of Flanesford.PJohn Worcestre, Augustinian canon.Sir Gilbert Talbot, lord of Goodrich Castle and Irchenfeld.John Walkere. Death.
1444 Apr 9Priory of Flanesford.PJohn Kyrkeby, Aug. canon.Earl of Shrewsbury.  
1514 Jan 26Priorship of Flanestord.PEthelbert Aythen.George, earl of Shrewsbury.John Homme.Deprivation.
1531 Feb 27Priorship of Flanesford priory.PRobert Frysour, a canon of the priory.George, earl of Shrewsbury, lord Talbot.Ethelbert Aythen. [1]Resignation.
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