Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1293 Apr 29Pudlestone. John de Northelman, priest.William de Curzim.  
1307 Jun 2Pudlestone. Henry Curzon, acol.Sir William Curzon.  
1309 Oct 4Pudlestone. Thomas de Hargham, acol.Richard de Curzon.  
1329 Nov 10Pudlestone. William de Brocmantone.John Cursoun.  
1335 Dec 8Pudlestone. Wulstan de Schardesle.John Curson.  
1351 Oct 5Pudlestone. William Jenkins.Robert de Moniton.Thos. de Houton.Exchange.
1406 May 5Pudlestone. William Walle, chaplain.Richard Gowre, lord of Pudlestone.  
1416 May 24Puddlestone. John Kemes, rector of Cascob.John Town.William Walle.Exchange.
1417 May 7Puddlestone (Putlestone). John Abbot, rector of Thruxton (Thnrlestone).Walter Suan, John Smyth, John Partryche, chaplains, and John Bras, layman, feoffees of the lands of John Goure.John Kernes, rector of Puddlestone (Putlestone).Exchange.
1431 Oct 15Pudlesdon. David Hore, chapl.John Gowe.John Abbot.Death.
1446 Mar 8Pudleston. Thomas Crewe, chapl.Robert Cattone.David Hore.Resignation.
1465 Jul 17Pudlestone. John Andreux alias Dier.John Devereux, armiger.William Huntingfield.Resignation.
1468 Jan 30Pudlestone (Pudlistone). Edmund Lastres.John Devereux.John Dyere, alias Andreux.Resignation.
1511 Sep 31Puddleston (Pedlestone). John Davis.Sir John Devereux, knt.Edm. Laistres.Death.
1550 Dec 1Pudleston. Francis Penrise.Hugh Walshe, gen., hac vice. by concession of Thomas Barneby, gen,John Davies. Resignation.
1554 Jun 6Pudlestone, Hereford. David Jones.Walter fferries, vise.   
1570 Jan 19Pudleston. William Morys.Walter Devereux, vise., Hereford.  
1671 Apr 13Pudleston. Ed. Oseland.William Pateshall, gen.John Whittington.Death.
1717 Oct 22Pudleston. John Wood, M.A.John Pat.Edward Oseland.Death.
1754 Nov 2Puddlestone. John Wood.John Pateshall, esq.John Wood.Death.
1795 Apr 25Puddleston. John Dale, LL.D.Himself.John Wood Davies. Death.
1805 Nov 15Puddlestone. Christopher Whitehead, M.A.Frances Dale, widow. John Dale, LL.D.Death.
1814 Mar 8Puddlestone. Will. Bailey Whitehead, M.P.Christ. Whitehead.Christ. Whitehead.Death.
1815 Nov 29Puddlestone. Joseph Rose, M.A.William Rose, of Carshalton, Co. Surrey, clerk.William Whitehead. Cession.
1819 Jun 26Puddlestone with While.VJohn Babington.William Rose, clerk.Joseph Rose. Cession.
1820 Jun 17Puddlestone. Joseph Rose.William Rose, clerkJohn Babington. Cession.
1823 Jun 21Puddleston. John Wood Duppa.Devey Fearon, clerk. [1]Joseph RoseDeath.
1840 Dec 17Pudleston. Thomas Whitfield.Thos. Elton Miller, clerk, and Henry Mimes, gent.John Wood Duppa. Death.
1870 Jul 4Pudleston. James Rimington Ward, M.AElias Chadwick, esq. George Thos. Whitfield.Death.
1889 Jul 15Pudleston. Robt. Bentley, B.A.Anthony Benn, esq.James Remington Ward.Resignation.
1900 Aug 1Pudlestone. Paul Roberts, M.A.Anthony Berm, esq.Robert Bentley-Taylor. Resignation.
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