Putson Major

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1401 Jun 6Putson major.PRichard Talbot.The bishop.  
1417 Nov 10Puttesdone majori with church of Vowchurch.PWilliam Cave.The bishop.Master Richard Talbot. Resignation.
1419 May 12Putson major.PJohn Maltone, rector of Michelmersh.The bishop.William Cave, canon and prebendary of Putson major in Hereford Cathedral.Exchange.
1421 Aug 10Putson Major.PJohn Delabere, chaplain of S. Radegrund, in S. Paul's, London.The bishop.John Malton, prebendary of Putson Major.Exchange.
1427 Dec 16Putson major.PWilliam Porlessy.The bishop.John Labere.Resignation.
1478 Feb 1Putson maj.PJohn Hervy, in art. bac.The bishop.Richard Marten.Resignation.
1509 Dec 18Putson maj. (Pottestone).PEdmund Frocetour, S. Theol. Prof.The bishop.Owen Pole.Death.
1518 Oct 28Putson maj.PWilliam Hull, art. mag.The bishop.Edmund Froucetur.Vacated.
1543 Sep 22Putson major.PWilliam Turnor.The bishop.Wil. Hull. Death.
1546 Oct 30Putson major.PRich. Harford, B.A. The bishop.William Turnour.Death.
1551 Dec 9Putson major.PRobert Johnson.The bishop.Richard Harford.Transferred to preb. of Hampton Bishop.
1622 Aug 22Putson major.PJames Rawlins.The bishop.   
1661 Jun 8Putson major.PLaurence Sedden, B.D.The bishop.  
1675 Sep 20Putson major.PPhineas Jackson.The bishop.Laurence Seddon. Death.
1675 Dec 13Putson major.PThomas Wotton.The bishop.Phineas Jackson.Resignation.
1711 Sep 4Putson major.PWilliam Lloyd, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Wotton, B.D.Death.
1733 Apr 6Putson major.PHumphrey Wishaw, M.A.The bishop.William Lloyd.Death.
1780 Jun 8Putson major.PHugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Humph. Whishaw.Death.
1782 Jun 8Putson major.PRichard Evans, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Morgan.Resignation.
1795 Apr 25Putson major.PRichard Davies Evans, M.A.The bishop.Richard Evans.Resignation.
1821 May 1Putson major.PHarry Lee, M.A.The bishop.Richard Davies Evans.Cession.
1880 Oct 13Putson major.PEdward ffarington Clayton, M.A.The bishop.Henry Lee. Death.
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