Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1776 Oct 11Ratlinghope.CJohn Williams.John Hawkins, of Worthen, clerk.  
1796 Mar 3Ratlinghope.CJohn Hawkins, B.A. Himself.John Williams.Death.
1833 Mar 3Ratlinghope.CEdward Homfray.Charles Botterell Hawkins.John Hawkins.Death.
1856 Dec 20Ratlinghope.CEdmund Donald Carr, B.A.Sarah Scott. of Stourbridge, widow.Edward Homfray.Death.
1866 Jan 18Ratlinghope.CWill. Geo. Chetton Nottley.The bishop, by lapse.Edmund Donald Carr.Cession.
1876 Oct 6Ratlinghope.VWilliam Hen. Whitworth, M.A.John Charles Addyes Scott.William George Clutton Nottley. Cession.
1886 Aug 4Ratlinghope.VHenry Anderton.John Charles Addyes Scott, esq.William Hen. Whitworth.Death.
1891 Oct 14Ratlinghope.VArthur William Benj. Walmsley Watts, B.A.Mahlah Addyes Scott, of 6, Cambridge Gate. Regent's Park, widow.Henry Anderton.Resignation.
1894 Aug 13Ratlinghope.VWill, Perry Ireland, M.A.The bishop, by lapse.Arthur William Benj. Walmsley Watts. Resignation.
1896 Dec 16Ratlinghope.VThos. Robt. Scott. Glenn Mahlah Addyes, widow.William Parry.Resignation.
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