Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Dec 1Ribbesford. Simon de Ribbesford, acol.Sir Henry de Ribbesford.  
1318 Nov 17Ribbesford. William de Piriton, priest.Henry de Ribbesford, knight.  
1328 Apr 22Ribbesford. Gilbert le Graunger de Northleach.Wm. de Pyrytone.Late rector.Resignation.
1349 May 5Ribbesford. John Bray. Robert de Ribbesford, lord of Ribbesford.  
1387 Apr 1Ribbesford. Walter Elyot.Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, lord of Gower.  
1444 Jul 31Ribbesford. Richard Hyde, chapl.Henry, earl of Warwick.Walter Elyott.Death.
1467 Oct 21Ribbesford. David Gibbes.Wm. Herbert, lord Herbert and Pembroke. [2]Richd. Hide.Death.
1508 Mar 7Ribbesford. Walter Blount, in leg. bac.Thomas Blount, generosus. [3]Master David Gibbus.Death.
1531 Apr 24Ribbesford with Bewdley chapel. David Couper, art. mag.Robert Acton, generosus.Thomas Parker. [3]Resignation.
1538 Oct 25Ribbesford. Richard Shute.Robert Acton, arm. David Cowper.Resignation.
1545 Jan 30Ribbesford. Thomas Hopkyns.Rob. Acton, eq. aur.Richard Shute.Resignation.
1556 Aug 26Ribbesford cum Capella de Bewdley. John Hackett.Robert Acton, mil.   
1556 Nov 18Ribbesford. John Lewis, alias Duke.Robert Acton, mil.Last incumbent.Death.
1615 Mar 2Ribbesford. John Hamond, B.A. Will. Cooke, miles.  
1689 Mar 7Ribbesford (with the chapel of Bewdley). Antony Lucas.Henry Herbert, arm.John Boraston. Death.
1695 Jul 10Ribbesford (with chapel of Bewdley). John Pooler, M.A.Henry, lord Herbert of Chirbury.Antony Lucas. Resignation.
1707 Feb 18Ribbesford cum Capella de Bewdley. William Price.Hen. Herbert, baron of Chirbury.John Pooler. Death.
1725 Apr 20Ribbesford with chapel of Bewdley annexed. John Bradley, B.A.Herbert, lord Chirbury.William Price. Death.
1731 Mar 10Ribbesford with chapel of Bewdley annexed. Thomas Knight, M.A.Henry, lord Herbert of Chirbury.John Bradley. Death.
1765 Apr 19Ribbesford. Edward Baugh, M.A.Henry Arthur, earl of Powis.Thomas Knight.Death.
1795 Aug 17Ribbesford, with chapel of Bewdley. William Jesse, M.A. Francis Ingram, esq.Edward Baugh. Death.
1814 Jan 31Ribbesford. Edward Winnington Ingram, B.A.Thos. Ingram, esq.William Jesse.Death.
1847 Dec 3Ribbesford. Edward Winnington Ingram, jun.Edward Winnington Ingram, sen.Edward Winnington Ingram, sen. Resignation.
1854 Jul 13Ribbesford. John Walcot, B.A.Edward Winnington Ingram, clerk.Edw. Winnington Ingram.Resignation.
1876 Mar 13Ribbesford. Edward Henry Winnington Ingram, M.A.Edward Winnington Ingram, of Stanford, clerk.John Walcot.Cession.
1893 Nov 28Ribbesford. Harold Brierley, M.A.Maria Louisa Winnington Ingram, of Bournemouth, widow.Edward Henry Winnington Ingram. Cession.
1898 Aug 18Ribbesford. Rowland Tracy Ashe Money Kyrle, M.A.Maria Louisa Winnington Ingram.Harold Brierley.Cession.
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