Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1301 Mar 18Shelsley. John de la Staris.Sir Henry de Waleys.  
1308 Dec 12Shelsley. Ralph de Saltford, priest.The bishop.  
1312 May 26Shelsley. Thomas de Beoleye, priest.The bishop.  
1313 Jun 9Shelsley. William le Power, deacon.William le Waleys.  
1346 Nov 16Gulden Shelsley. Roger de Wasschebourne.Henry de Huggeleye.  
1350 Jun 18Shelsley (Scheldesleye). Richd. de Seysdon.The bishop, by lapse.Roger de Wasschebourne.Resignation.
1361 Dec 11Shelsley. Stephen Wynd. [3]Margaret de Scheldesley.  
1385 Sep 9Sheldesley. John Noxtone, chaplain.Thos. Walsh, jun.  
1393 Aug 2Scheldesley Beauchamp.VRobert Abbruggas, vicar of Momel, Worcester dioc. Richard Goderych, vicar of Scheldesley Beauchamp.Exchange.
1419 Feb 18Shelsley. Richard Benthale, vicar of Clifton.John Scalys, lord of Shelsley.John Noxtone, rector of Shelsley.Exchange.
1420 Jan 10Shelsly Gulden (Geldone). John Broune.John Walice, arm. Richard Bentale.Resignation.
1465 Jul 17Sheldesley. John Snell.Richard Waleys, armiger.  
1486 Jun 8Shelsley (Sheldisley). Hugh Webbe, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.John Snell.Resignation.
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