Shelsley Walsh

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1332 Dec 9Shelsley Walsh. Roger de Hurtesleye, clerk.Henry le Walsch.  
1426 Feb 14Shelsley (Walsh) (Scheldesley). ?John Walshe.  
1528 Sep 22Shelsley Walsh (Sheldersley Walys). William Walker.John Walisshe. William Honson. Death.
1562 Nov 20Shellesley Walshe (Wallica). William Higges.Francis Wallyshe.   
1579 Jan 19Shellesley Walsh. Humphrey Holwey.Francis Walsh, arm.  
1661 Jun 25Shellesley parva, alias Shellesley Walshe. James Johnson, B.A. Thomas ffolly, of Whittley magna, arm.  
1718 Sep 23Shelesley parva. Thomas Philips, M.A.Thomas, baron Foley of Kidderminster.James Johnson.Death.
1743 Jun 29Shelsley Walsh. John Stephens, M.A. Thomas, lord Foley.Last incumbent.Death.
1752 Jul 1Shellesley Walsh. Other Philpotts, M.A.Thomas, lord Foley, baron of Kidderminster.John Stephens. Death.
1791 Oct 27Shelsley Walsh. Thomas Foley, B.A. Thomas, lord Foley.Other Philpott.Cession.
1816 Aug 22Shelsley Walsh. Richard Hughes.Thomas, lord Foley.Thomas Foley.Death.
1835 Sep 24Shelsley Walsh. Thomas Price.Thomas, lord Foley.Richard Hughes. Death.
1844 Dec 20Shelsley Walsh. David Melville, M.A.Trustees of the will of John William, earl of Dudley. [1] Thomas Price. Death.
1857 Nov 11Shelsley Walsh. William Griffiths.William, lord Ward.David Melville. Cession.
1864 May 21Shelsley Walsh. Theodore Nevins Gildon Flintoff, M.A.William, earl of Dudley.William Griffiths.Resignation.
1897 Apr 23Shelsley Walsh. James Francis Hastings, M.A.Laura Jane Kelly, widow.Theodore Nevins Flintoff.Cession.
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