Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1718 Jul 23Snead. Charles Evans.Richd. Hopton, arm. Legitime vacant. Legitime vacant.
1732 Jan 4Snead. Thomas Pritchard.William Morris, gen.Last incumbent.Death.
1747 Sep 9Snead. Samuel Sneade, M.A.William Morris, esq.Thomas Pritchard. Death.
1771 Apr 23Snead. Philip Morris.William Morris, of Hurst, co Salop,esq.Samuel Snead.Resignation.
1801 Sep 19Snead. Thomas Alban.Philip Morris, of the Hurst, esq. Philip Morris.Death.
1835 Aug 27Snead. Thomas Alban, M.A. Philip Morris, of the Hurst, esq. Thomas Alban, Sen.Death.
1849 Aug 29Snead. Richd. Evan Owen, M.A.Philip Morris, of the Hurst, Clun, esq.Thomas Alban.Death.
1870 Sep 6Snead, with Hyssington. Albert Henry Seacome, B.A.Anna Maria Pardoe, wife of Frederick Pardoe, of the Ivy House, esq.Richard Evan Owen. Death.
1874 Sep 11Snead, with Hyssington. Geo. Owen Pardoe, B.A.Anna Maria Pardoe, wife of Frederick Pardoe, of Churchstoke, esq.Albert Hen. Seacombe. Resignation.
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