Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Oct 5Snodhill chapel. Michael de Grandene.Sir Robert de Chandos.  
1361 Mar 9Snodhill Castle free chapel. John Chaundos, clerk.Sir Thos. Chaundos, lord of Snodhill.  
1362 Oct 5Snodhill free chapel. Roger Whippe.Sir Thos. Chaundos, knt.  
1383 Apr 1Snodhill Castle free chapel. John Holcot, clerk.Sir John Chandos, knt.  
1391 Aug 18Free chapel of Snodhill. Thos. Chaundos.Sir John Chaundos.John Holgot.Resignation.
1415 Sep 6Free chapel of Snodhill. Richard Taylour.Sir John Chaundos, knt.Hugh Harpere. [6]Death.
1418 Jun 16Snodhill free chapel. Wm. Carpenter.Sir John Chaundos, knt.Richard Taylor.Resignation.
1421 Jun 6Snodhill castle chap. Philip Boley, chaplain.Sir John Chaundos.  
1435 Jul 17Snodhill chapel. Wm. Marey, vicar of ?John Delamere and others.  
1448 May 5Snodhill. David Preese, B.C.L.The Crown (during minority of duke of Warwick).  
1470 Jul 9Free chapel of Snodhill. Master Richard Jakessone, the bishop's registrar.The bishop, by lapse.David ap Rees.Death.
1514 Dec 4Free chapel in Snodhill castle. Robert Geffery. [6]The king.Robert Cowper.Resignation.
1540 Mar 29 Snodhill (free chapel). Robert Glasyer.John Vaughan (to whom the presentation is given by the king).Robert Geffray.Death.
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