Stanton in the Forest

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1302 Jan 20Staunton in Forest. John le Woodward.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1303 Mar 9Staunton in Forest. John Woodward, acol.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1317 Mar 4Staunton in Forest. Robert de Alveston.John de Staunton [8]  
1366 Apr 29Stanton in the Forest. Hy. Borth, chaplain.The king.  
1383 Jun 7Stanton in the Forest. Thomas Woburn.The king. [1]  
1393 Sep 17Stanton in Forest. Thomas Stanton.John Waldyngs.  
1394 Jun 27Stanton in Forest. Philip Dignif, chapl.John Waldyng.  
1402 Sep 30Stanton in Forest. Henry Wodestock, vicar of Madley, Hereford dioc. William Lorymere, rector of Stanton in Forest.Exchange.
1420 Jul 9Staunton (Forest deanery). William Smart.John Stauntone, lord of Staunton.Henry Wodestoke.Resignation.
1428 Apr 21Staunton in the Forest. Philip Clyfford, chapl. [1]Richd. de Stauntone.Wm. Smort.Death.
1476 Aug 3Stanton, in the Forest. Nicholas Austeyn, chapl.John Lyttelton, son of Sir Thomas Lyttelton, knt. [6]  
1487 Aug 13Stanton in the Forest. Thos. Moris, chapl. [1]Hugh Hamesham, jure ux.Nicholas Austeyn.Resignation.
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