Stoke Edith

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1306 Jun 8Stoke Edith. Hugh de Leominster, priest. Sir Robert de Thony.  
1336 Dec 13Stoke Edith.RThomas de Dumbletone, prebendary of Westbury, Worcester d. Elyas Walewayn, rector of Stoke Edith.Exchange.
1354 Nov 5Stoke Edith. William Bradele, canon of Lichfield.The king.Thomas.Exchange.
1362 Apr 20Stoke Edith. Steph. de Eynchetone, clerk.The king, guardian of heir of Thos. Walwayne.Master Richd. Madeford.Resignation.
1367 May 9Stoke Edith. Master Roger Hore. John Walewayne, lord of Stoke.  
1418 Jun 12Stoke Edith. Richard Taylor.Thomas Walweyn, of Stoke Edith.Roger Horn.Death.
1467 Apr 10Stoke Edith, chantry of B.V.M., S. Ann, S. Margaret, and S. Katherine.CJohn Aldeford.Dean and chapter.John Sanbroke.Resignation.
1471 Jul 27Stoke Edith. Richard Pennok,Richard, duke of Gloucester.Richd. Taylour.Death.
1479 Jul 22Stoke Edith. John Wolf, chapl.Simon Milburne, armiger. [3]Richd. Pennoke.Death.
1480 Dec 30Stoke Edith. Master Hugh Ragon.Simon Milborne, armiger. [3]John Wolfe.Resignation.
1531 Jan 12Stoke Edith. William Barett, in leg. bac.John Lyngen, arm. Miles Ragon.Death.
1554 Sep 19Stoke Edith. William Allforde.John Lingen, gen.  
1571 Dec 12Stoke Edith. Roger Whelar, literati. [6]Will. Awford, rector ibidem.  
1573 Oct 21Stoke Edith. Ed. Cooper.Isabella Lyngen, widow of John Lyngen, arm., and William Shelley, arm.  
1618 Aug 22Stoke Edith. Henry Rogers.Ed. Lingen, arm.   
1663 Jan 22Stoke Edith. Robert Scudamore.The king.  
1684 Apr 16Stoke Edith. John Wickens, M.A. Paul Foley, arm.Robert Scudamore.Death.
1719 Dec 26Stoke Edith, with chapel of Westhide. Thomas Harrison, B.D.Thomas Foley, arm.John Wilkins. Death.
1720 Oct 12Stoke Edith with Westhide. Nich Wilkins, M.A. Thomas Foley, arm.Thomas Harrison. Death.
1733 May 28Stoke Edith. Samuel Wickins, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Nicholas Wickins.Death.
1766 Oct 2Stoke Edith. Thomas Wickins, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Samuel Wickins.Death.
1787 Feb 17Stoke Edith. Charles Dunster, M.A.Hon. Edward Foley.Thomas Wilkins.Death.
1789 Nov 28Stoke Edith, with chapel of Westhide. J Olin Napleton, D.D. Hon. Edward Foley.Chas. Dunster. Cession.
1818 Jun 25Stoke Edith, with Westhide. William Andrew Foley, B.A.Edward Foley, esq.John Napleton, D.D.Death.
1819 Apr 14Stoke Edith and Westhide. Howell Davies.Edward Thomas Foley, esq.William Andrew Foley. Resignation.
1834 Jun 3Stoke Edith. Richard Francis Onslow, M.A.Edwd. Thos. Foley, esq.Howell Davies.Death.
1850 Mar 22Stoke Edith with Westhide. Josiah Saml. Moore, B.A.Dame Anna-Maria Lambert, wife of Sir Henry John Lambert, bart.Richard Francis Onslow. Death.
1858 Jul 9Stoke Edith and Westhide. Will. Hen. Lambert. Sir Hen. John Lambert, Aston House, Co. Oxford, bart.Josiah Samuel Moore.Resignation.
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