Stoke St Milborough

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1297 Nov 22Stoke S. Milburgh. John de Beverlard, acol.(not mentioned).  
1303 Jan 17Stoke S. Milburgh. Peter de Parvo Fiato, priest. Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1312 Dec 12Stoke Milburgh. Richard de Larden, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1350 May 12Stoke St Milborough. Gilbert Aunger.The king (Wenlock priory).  
1362 Dec 17Stoke Milborough.VJohn Bodyn.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.Gilbert Aunger.Resignation.
1390 May 30Stoke Milburgh.VRichard, vicar of Woolhope, Hereford dioc.The Crown (Wenlock priory).Walter, vicar of Stoke Milburgh.Exchange.
1390 Nov 23Stoke Milburgh.VJohn Yong, vicar of Hughley.The Crown (Wenlock priory).Richard Odam, vicar of Stoke Milburgh, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1420 May 23Stoke S. Milborough.VJohn Gryfyth, vicar of Bucknell (Bokenhulle).Prior and convent of Wenlock.John Yonge, vicar of Stoke S. Milborough.Exchange.
1432 Sep 7Stoke Milburgh.VJohn Lake, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.  
1459 Jun 20Stoke S. Milborough.VWalter Browne.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.William Aburley.Resignation.
1465 Jul 15Stoke S. Milburgh.VJohn Flammestede.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.Walter Broune.Death.
1471 Jun 20Stoke Milburgh. Fulk Giers. [2]Prior and conv. of Wenlock.John Flamstede.Resignation.
1529 Aug 3Stoke S. Milburgh.VThos. Haryngton.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.John Perte. [5]Resignation.
1529 Jan 26Stoke S. Milburgh. John Perte alias John Lichfilde, a Ben. monk. [5]Bishop of Exeter, hac vice.William Bayton.Death.
1554 May 0Stoke St. Milburgh. Richard Hocheskys. Richard Charleton, pro hac vice.  
1686 Sep 24Stoke St. Milburgh.VRichard Baugh, M.A.John Conyers, arm.Richard Newborough.Death.
1708 Oct 26Stoke St. Milburgh.VRichard Chambers, M.A.John Conyers, arm.Richard Baugh.Death.
1711 Apr 18Stoke St. Milburgh.VSamuel Collings, B.A.John Conyers, arm.Richard Chambre. Resignation.
1734 Apr 2Stoke St. Milburgh.VJohn Attwood, B.A.Wredenhall Pearce, esq., and Elizabeth, his wife.Last incumbent.Cession.
1740 Dec 10Stoke St. Milburgh.VJohn Beeston, B.A.Wredenhall Pearce, esq., and Elizabeth, his wife. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1754 Nov 28Stoke St. Milburgh with chapel of Heath.VBenj. Buckler, M.A. Elizabeth Pearce.John Beeston. Death.
1758 Jun 6Stoke St. Milburgh with chapel of Heath.VJohn Pearce, M.A.Elizabeth Pearce, widow.Roger Watkins. Resignation.
1772 Jun 22Stoke St. Milburgh.VJohn Phillipps, M.A. William Pearce Hall, esq.John Pearce.Death.
1813 Jan 7Stoke St. Milburgh.VJohn Wall, M.A.Himself.John Phillipps. Death.
1817 Aug 4Stoke S. Milburgh.VFredk. Sandys, B.A. Himself and William Woolryche Whitmore and Elias Isaac, esqs.John Wall. Death.
1819 Jul 1Stoke S. Milburgh.VGeorge Morgan.Himself.Fredk. Wall.Resignation.
1867 Apr 17Stoke St. Milbrough.VGeorge De Gruchy, B.A.Himself.George Morgan.Death.
1893 Jul 25Stoke St. Milburgh.VJohn Thomas Smith.Richard Skilbeck, of Belton, Co. York.George de Gruchy.Resignation.
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