Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1286 Sep 4Stottesdon. William de la Grene, chapl. Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1302 Jan 16Stottesdon. Thomas de Ludlow, priest.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1321 Jan 20Stottesdon. Hamo de Sandwich, priest. Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1322 Apr 22Stottesdon. Walter de Fynigham, priest. [6] Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1326 Apr 5Stottesdon. Philip de Gossington, priest. Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1427 May 27Stottesdon.VWilliam Kemsay, vicar of S. Cross, in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. John Gomond, vicar of Stottesdon, in Hereford diocese.Exchange.
1478 Dec 5Stottesdon.VThomas Lilleshulle, monk of S. Peter's, Shrewsbury. [3]Thomas, abbot, and conv. of S. Peter's, Shrewsbury.William Kemsey.Resignation. [4]
1509 Jan 14Stottesdon.VJohn Mawnsell.Abbot and conv. of S.S. Peter and Paul, Shrewsbury.Thos. Lilsell.Death.
1535 Nov 18Stotesdon.VJohn Hagmond.Abbot and conv. of Shrewsbury.John Mauncell.Resignation.
1577 Mar 8Stottesdon.VJohn Barker.The queen.   
1623 Jun 15Stottesdon. Thomas Amyas.Bonham Norton, arm. John Barker Resignation.
1662 Apr 20Stottesdon. Benjamin Wilding.George Norton, arm.  
1675 Jan 25Stottesdon.VEd. Caldwall, B.A.Ed. Caldwall, gen.Benjamin Wilding.Death.
1687 Jun 16Stottesdon with the chapel of Harlow.VRichard Rushbury, M.A.Sir George Norton.Edward Caldwell. Death.
1704 Oct 20Stotesdon.VRoger Richards.Sir George Norton.Richard Rushbury. Death.
1706 Feb 27Stotesdon.VBrian Cole, B.A.Sir George Norton, bart.Roger Richards.Death.
1709 Dec 15Stottesdon.VRichard Rushbury, B.A.Sir George Norton.Brian Cole. Resignation.
1727 Oct 28Stotesdon.VJohn Bradley, M.A. The earl of Bradford.Richard Rushbury.Death.
1731 Mar 8Stottesdon.VThomas Cook.The earl of Bradford.John Bradley.Death.
1739 Apr 10Stottesdon.VThomas Walter, B.A.Thomas, earl of Bradford.Thomas Cook.Death.
1758 May 12Stottesdon.VJohn Bell, M.A.Diana,countess dowager of Mountrath.Thomas Walter.Death.
1804 Aug 25Stottesdon.VHenry Cay Adams, M.A.Sir Will. Pulteney, bart.John Bell.Death.
1805 Apr 16Stottesdon.VJohn Marc Wood.Sir Will. Pulteney, bart.Henry Cay Edwards.Cession.
1834 Dec 9Stottesdon with Farlow annexed.VRobt. Plunket, M.A. William Harry Vane, duke of Cleveland.John Mare Wood. Death.
1840 Oct 13Stottesdon.VHarry Vane Russell. William Harry, duke of Cleveland.Hon. Robt. Plunkett.Resignation.
1846 Jun 18Stottesdon.VCharles Jones Maddison.Henry, duke of Cleveland, K.G.Henry Vane Powell.Death.
1894 Sep 8Stottesdon.VWalter Murcott, M.A.Henry de Vere, lord Barnard.Charles John Maddison.Resignation.
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