Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1304 Mar 7Stretford. Stephen de la Bere, priest.Robert de la Bere.Simon, late rector.Resignation.
1308 Oct 3Stretford. Ralph de Bishopstone.Robert de la Bere.  
1308 Jan 11Stretford. John de Yveton, priest.The bishop.  
1334 Feb 13Stretford. Hugh de Burghope.Robert de la Bere.  
1386 Jan 23Stretford. John de Kynartone, chaplain.Sir Kynard de la Bere, knt.  
1391 Sep 19Stretford (Stratford). Samuel de Vye, rector of Llanpadarn, S. David's dioc.Sir Kynard de la Byre.John de Kynaston, rector of Stretford.Exchange.
1399 Oct 21Stratford. Bartholomew de la Halle, chapl.Sir Kynard de la Bere.Philip Vickers.Death.
1456 Feb 24Stretford. Richard Taylour, chapl.Sir John Barre, knt., John Chabnor, and Hugh Shelwike. [2]John Dylwyn.Death.
1509 Oct 14Stretford (Stratteford). William Mylle.Sir Richd. Delabere, knt.Thos. Pattishale.Death.
1518 Aug 24Stretford. Thomas Dyrant.Thomas Delaber, armiger.William Glasyer.Death.
1528 Sep 6Stretford. Roger Weyer.Anne, widow of Thos. Delabere. [4]Thomas de Graunt.Death.
1570 Mar 18Stretford. Richard Powell.Will. Shelley, arm., guardian of the heir of Richard Lyster, arm., defunct.  
1573 Jun 18Stretford. William Griffiths.The bishop, hac vice.Last incumbent.Death.
1664 Apr 5Stratford-super-Teme. Arthur Salway, M.A. Edward Salway, arm,   
1670 Nov 10Stretford. Thomas Hinwall.The bishop.Richard Junnings.Resignation.
1692 Oct 21Stretford. James Williams.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.Thomas Wall.Death.
1706 May 20Stretford. James Williams.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.James Williams.Cession.
1711 Sep 24Stretford. William Whittell.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.James Williams.Cession.
1712 May 3Stretford. Edw. Morse, M.A.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.William Whittell.Death.
1715 Sep 26Stretford. Herbert Croft, B.A. Arthur Croft, M.A.Edward Morse. Cession.
1743 Jun 2Stretford. Joseph Careless, B.A.Richd. Knight, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1807 May 5Stretford. George Whitney.John Morris, of Leominster, esq.Joseph Edwards.Death.
1836 Jul 21Stretford. Samuel Powell.Thomas Dunne, of Bircher, esq., and Edward Evans, of Eyton Hall, esq.George Whitney. Death.
1870 Mar 9Stretford. George Armstrong Blakeley, M.A.Arthur Henry Wall, of Burghill, esq.Samuel Powell.Death.
1900 Sep 5Stretford. Geo. Henry Craven, M.A.Geo. Beale Binyon, of Biddenham, Co. Kent. esq,Geo. Armstrong Blakely.Death.
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