Sutton St Michael

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1557 Jul 31Sutton St. Michael. Thomas Walwyn.Rich. Walwyn, mil.   
1809 May 24Sutton St. Michael.CJames Bullock, M.A. Jane Unett, of Marden, widow of Hen. Unett. [1]William Allen, D.D.Death.
1815 Nov 24Sutton St. Michael. William Watkins, B.A.The bishop.James Bullock.Death.
1829 Aug 10Sutton St. Michael. Chas. Taylor, B.A.Henry Unett, Henry Allen, John Gwillim, and William Allen, esqs.William Watkins. Cession.
1831 Jul 8Sutton St. Michael.CThos. Lingen Allen, B.A.Henry Unett. [1]Charles Taylor.Resignation.
1864 Sep 22Sutton St. Michael.CWilliam Wilkinson, B.A.John Pryce Williams, of Shrewsbury. [2]Thomas Lingen Allen.Non-residence, and sequestration for one year.
1873 May 13Sutton St. Michael.VRobert Hereford, M.A.The bishop, by lapse.William Wilkinson.Resignation.
1876 Jul 1Sutton St. Michael.VDavid Arthur Fosbrooke Saunders.The bishop.Robert Hereford.Cession.
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