Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Jun 27Tatynton (i.e. Tarrington). Eustache de Rothynges, priest. Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1309 Feb 3Tarrington. Richard de la Grene, priest.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1347 Apr 11Tarrington (Tadynton). John de Rendlesham, deacon.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1349 Jun 25Tarrington. John Bryd.The king, for this turn.  
1349 Aug 29Tarrington.VHenry de Harlaston.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1352 Dec 20Tarrington.VWalter de Adereston.The king (Monmouth priory).Sir Henry.Resignation.
1354 Nov 17Tarrington.VAdam de Waltham.The king (Monmouth priory).Walter de Atherstone.Exchange.
1361 Jan 22Tarrington (Tattinton).VRobert Parker.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.Sir John.Resignation.
1396 Apr 13Tatyntone.VWm. Bryde, chapl.The Crown (Monmouth priory).  
1431 Nov 16Tarrington (Tatynton). Wm. Monemouth, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.William Bridde.Resignation.
1436 Apr 20Tarrington.VWilliam Towker, vicar of Cheriton-juxta-Tetbury, in the diocese of Worcester. William Monimouth, vicar of Tarrington.Exchange.
1447 May 3Tarrington (Tadington).VWalter ap Jornerth, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Towker.Resignation.
1480 Oct 20Tarrington.VJohn Barred.Prior and conv. of S. Mary's, Monmouth.Walter ap Errard.Death.
1482 Jun 5Tarrington (Tadyntone).VJohn Phelpot.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Barrat.Resignation. [5]
1530 Feb 7Tarrington (Tadyngton).VPeter Johns.Thos. Cachemay, of Micheltroy. [9]John Phelpotis. Death.
1535 Nov 3Tarrington (Tadyngton).VThomas Harwell. Thos. Harwell and Thomas Mombas, by the grant of the prior and convent of Monmouth.Peter Jones.Death.
1554 Aug 25Tarrington. Thomas ap Pryse.Richd. Morton, gen. (representing late pr. of Monmouth).  
1667 Apr 15Taddington alias Tarrington.VFrancis Minton, M.A.Alice Lingen, widow.David Meredith. Resignation.
1672 Nov 4Tarrington.VWilliam Hopkins, M.A.Paul Foley arm.Francis Minton.Death.
1678 Nov 2Tarrington alias Taddington.VWilliam Crowther, M.A.Paul Foley, arm.William Hopkins, B.D. Resignation.
1703 Mar 31Tarrington alias Taddington.VJohn Nash, M.A.Thomas Foley, arm.William Crowther. Death.
1728 Sep 11Tarrington.VJames Griffiths, M.A. Thomas Foley, arm.John Nash.Death.
1738 Feb 2Tarrington.VRichard Jackson, M.A.Thomas Foley, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1777 Sep 26Tarrington.VJohn Napleton, M.A.Thomas, lord Foley.Richard Jackson.Resignation.
1790 Jan 21Tarrington.VThomas Fountaine, M.A.Hon. Edward Foley.John Napleton, D.D.Cession.
1814 Aug 10Tarrington.VHowell Davies.Edwd. Thos. Foley, esq.Thomas Fountaine. Death.
1832 Aug 25Tarrington.VThomas Prankherd Phelps, M.A.Edward Thos. Foley, esq.Howell Davies.Cession.
1854 Jun 1Tarrington.VChas. Smith, M.A.Sir Henry John Lambert, bart., and Dame Anna Maria, his wife.Thomas Prankard Phelps.Death.
1869 Dec 30Tarrington. John Winter, M.A.Lady Emily Foley.Charles Smith.Death.
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