Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1306 Feb 18Tretire. John de la Punde, priest.Sir Richard le Brut.  
1314 Jun 19Retir (Tretire). William de Ecreton, acol.Geoffrey de Beaufoy.   
1323 Aug 3Tretire. Adam le Budel, priest.Thomas le Brut.  
1349 Nov 13Tretire (Rythyr). William de Kynges Caple.The bishop, by lapse.  
1434 Feb 21Tretire and Michaelchurch. David Trevasse, cleric.John Aberhale.William Michell.Resignation.
1492 Nov 4Tretire (Retire). Roger Burghyll.James Skydmor.Thomas Wilmott.Resignation.
1516 Apr 29Tretire (Retyre). Hugh ap Howell.James Skydmour, armiger.John Dayyes.Death.
1516 Aug 29Tretire. Richard Webbe.James Skydmour.Hugh ap Howell.Resignation.
1547 May 2Tretire and Michaelchurch. Henry Taylor.William Chell and Thomas ap Jevan, hac vice, by concession of Thomas Baskerville, arm. Richard Webbe.Death.
1664 Mar 7Tretire and Michaelchurch. William Edwards.Will. Powell, baronet.  
1710 Oct 10Tretire cum Capella de Michaelchurch. Thomas Ross, M.A. William Williams, arm.William Edwards. Death.
1723 Mar 22Tretire, with Michaelchurch. James Lane, M.A. James, duke of Chandos. Thomas Rosse. Death.
1730 Oct 2Tretire and Michaelchurch. Thomas Watkins, M.A.James, duke of Chandos. James Lane. Death.
1740 Aug 9Tretire and Michaelchurch. John Fortune, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Last incumbent.Death.
1777 May 21Tretire and Michaelchurch. Thomas Clark, B.D.Governors of Guy's Hospital. John Fortune. Death.
1799 Feb 1Tretire with Michaelchurch. William Davis, B.A, Governors of Guy's Hospital.Thomas Clarke, D.D.Death.
1812 Feb 1Tretire and Michaelchurch. John Webb, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. William Davies.Death.
1869 Jun 9Tretire with Michaelchurch. Edmund John Owen, B.A.John Barton Taylor, of London, Ontario, esq. [1] John Webb. Death.
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