Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Mar 16Tudeham (i.e. Tidenham). Nicholas de Gloucester, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1391 Sep 23Tudenham. Thomas Drugge.The Crown.  
1392 May 20Tudenham.VJohn Stawell, Balcombe, Chichester dioc.The Crown.Thomas Bruggs, vicar of Tudenham.Exchange.
1393 Apr 17Tudenham.VPeter Waryn.The Crown (Lyre abbey).  
1393 Jun 12Tudenham.VJohn Wyles.The Crown (Lyre abbey).  
1393 Jul 17Tudenham. Richard Jekell, vicar of a moiety of Lynton in Craven, York dioc.The Crown.John Wyles, vicar of Tudenham.Exchange.
1393 Jan 30Tudenham.VJohn Butiler, vicar of S Nicholas, Thanet, Canterbury dioc.The Crown (Lyre abbey).John Randolf, vicar of Tudenham.Exchange.
1394 May 11Tudenham.VJohn Podenhall, rector of Bloxham, Lincoln dioc.The Crown (Lyre abbey).Richard Jekel, vicar of Tudenham.Exchange.
1395 Jul 4Tudenham. John Collying, rector of Llansagheys, S. Asaph dioc.The Crown (Lyre abbey).John Podenhale, rector of Tudenham.Exchange.
1402 Apr 14Tudenham.VWalter Orelewayth, rector of Littleton, Worcester dioc. John Collynge, vicar of Tudenham.Exchange.
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