Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1302 Sep 2Tugford. Richard de la Dane, acol.The bishop.  
1302 Jan 11Tugford. Robert de Ike, subd.The bishop.  
1332 Mar 30Tugford. Roger de Berkley (called De Wynton).The bishop.  
1348 Jun 1Tugford. John de Middelton, rector of Morstead. Hugh de Neenton, rector.Exchange.
1348 Jul 9Tugford. Philip Ilger.The bishop.John de Middleton.Exchange.
1349 Oct 29Tugford. Richard de Brockhampton.The bishop.  
1404 Mar 24Tugford. Thos. Meddilton, clerk.The bishop.William Newton.Resignation.
1408 Oct 14Tugford. William Salter, rector of S. Mary the Virgin, Wallingford.The bishop.Thomas Middeltone.Exchange.
1439 May 1Tugford. John Clomptone, alias Coruysour.The bishop.  
1486 Dec 11Tugford. Hugh Butler, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Shrewsbury. [4]John Corveser.Death.
1487 Oct 16Tugford. Richard Butler, chapl.The bishop. [2]Hugh Butler.Death.
1538 Jul 26Tugford. Roger Normecotte. The king.Ralph Blackborne.Resignation.
1556 Apr 23Tugford. Robert Baldwin.The bishop.  
1560 Jul 17Tugford. Richard Dyke.(not mentioned).  
1575 Aug 16Tugford. William Crowther, M.A. [3]The bishop.  
1578 Mar 24Tugford. William Griffith.(not mentioned)  
1617 Aug 18Tugford. John James, M.A.The bishop.  
1661 Apr 5Tugford. George Panter, M.A. The bishop.  
1665 Feb 1Tugford. Hugo Pugh.The bishop.  
1723 Apr 30Tugford. Thomas Knight, M.A.The bishop.Herbert Croat.Resignation.
1723 Feb 21Tugford. Herbert Croft, B.A. The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1743 Jun 2Tugford. Joseph Careless, B.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1758 Dec 19Tugford. James Pratchett.The bishop.Joseph Carless.Resignation.
1774 Aug 6Tugford. Thomas Williams, B.A.The bishop.James Pritchett.Resignation.
1797 Jan 5Tugford. Richard Walond, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Williams. Cession.
1801 May 10Tugford. John Morgan, B.A.The bishop.  
1822 Mar 27Tugford. Joseph Corbett, jun. The bishop.John Morgan.Death.
1861 Aug 2Tugford. Richd. Woodhouse, B.A.The bishop.Hen. Reeve Lay.Resignation.
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