Upper Sapey

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1316 Aug 17Upper Sapey. Hugh Young de Bromyard, deacon.Sir John de Sapey.  
1317 Oct 25Upper Sapey. John Goodrich, priest.The bishop, by lapse.   
1353 May 31Upper Sapey. John Scot, clerk.Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari of Wigmore.Wm. Wyrmyng. Death.
1369 Aug 6Upper Sapey. Richard Martyn, chaplain. Sir John Sapy, knt.  
1435 Aug 2Upper Sapey. John Wafreton, chapl.John Brugge.  
1476 Aug 26Upper Sapey. John Grene, chapl.Richard Croft.  
1508 Sep 11Upper Sapey. Thos. Cartwright.Sir Richard Croft and Eleanor, his wife, widow of Hugh Mortimer, of Kyre.John Knyght.Resignation.
1523 Aug 28Upper Sapey. George Crofte, art. bac. [4]Sir Thomas West, knt.Last incumbent.Death.
1524 Aug 20Upper Sapey. Thomas Parker.John Pakyngton, generosus.George Crofte. [4]Resignation.
1543 May 15Upper Sapey. William Gruffyth.John Pakington, arm. Thomas Parker.Death.
1574 Jul 4Sapey (Upper). Thomas Bauche.John Packington, of Chaddesley Corbet, com. Wigorn., gen.   
1683 Apr 24Upper Sapey. John Addenbroke.Sir Francis Winnington.Thomas Wright.Resignation.
1725 May 29Sapey, Upper. John Addenbroke.Salwey Winnington, armJohn Addenbroke.Death.
1728 Feb 6Sapey, Upper. John Nash, M.A.Salwey Winnington, arm.John Addenbroke.Death.
1737 Jan 14Upper Sapey. Robert Comyn, M.A.Thos. Winnington, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1769 Sep 22Upper Sapey. John Walker, B.A.Sir Edwd. Winnington, bart.Robert Comyn.Death.
1770 Dec 28Upper Sapey. John Walker, B.A.Sir Edw. Winnington, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1816 Jan 2Upper Sapey. Francis Winnington, B.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Henry Card.Resignation.
1846 Jan 10Upper Sapey. Gilbert Sandbach, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Francis Winnington. Resignation.
1860 Apr 13Upper Sapey. Phipps Onslow, B.A. Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Gilbert Sandbach.Resignation.
1895 Dec 18Upper Sapey. Jas. Bradley Hewitt.Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, bart.Phipps Onslow.Resignation.
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