Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1307 Dec 22Upton. John Gorwl, acol.Dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1310 Nov 3Upton. Hugh le Brute, acol.Dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1336 Jul 27Upton.VRichd de Moreton.Dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1349 Dec 17Upton. Ralph de Toggeford.John de Upton, lord of Upton.Wm. de Stretton.Resignation.
1385 Feb 10Uptone free chapel (Optone Cangeford). William Broun, chaplain.The bishop.   
1419 Oct 6Upton.VJohn Webb.Dean and chapter of Hereford.Richard Carpenter.Resignation.
1420 Sep 10Uptone.VThomas Smyth.President and chapter of Hereford. [4]John Webbe.Resignation.
1423 Jul 31Upton. John Redlond, chapl.Hugh Cresset.Thomas Filleson.Resignation.
1425 Mar 11Upton. William Raynald, vicar of Radway, Coventry and Lichfield diocese. John Rowland, rector of Upton, Hereford diocese.Exchange.
1432 Nov 9Upton.VJohn Gerbeys, chapl.Dean and chapter.Thos. Smyth.Death.
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