Upton Cressett

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1317 Jul 12Upton (Cressett). William de Stratton, sub-deacon.John de Upton.   
1414 Mar 15Upton by Morville (Momerfield). William Lawley, vicar of Seagry.Hugh Cresset.William Rocbury.Exchange.
1421 Jun 23Upton Cressett. John Campion, rector of Little Hereford.Hugh Cresset.Thomas Filleson, rector of Upton Cresset.Exchange.
1560 Sep 1Upton Cressett. ? Campyon.(not mentioned).  
1562 Aug 20Upton Cressett. John Holam.John Cressett, arm.  
1563 Apr 20Upton Cressett. Geoffrey Vaghan.John Cressett, arm.  
1565 Oct 5Upton Cressett. Geoffrey Smalman.John Cressett, arm.  
1616 Feb 25Upton Cressett. Francis Smaleman.Ed. Cressett.  
1623 Jul 25Upton Cressett. Richard Gregory,Ed. Cressett, arm.Thomas Jenks. Resignation.
1662 Apr 20Upton Cressett. John Crowe.Rowland Berkeley, arm.  
1680 Jun 6Upton Cressett. William Cleaveland, B.A.Robert Cressett, arm. John Crow. Resignation.
1721 Nov 24Upton Cressett. Edward Cressett, B.A.Edward Cressett, arm.William Clieveland.Death.
1730 Jul 3Upton Cressett.VGeo. Carlton, M.A.Edw. Cressett, arm., a minor (with consent of Barbara Cressett, his mother and guardian).Edward Cressett. Resignation.
1747 May 27Upton Cressett. Thos. Taylor, M.A.Rev. Edw. Cressett, M.A., dean of Hereford.George Carleton. Death.
1765 Apr 12Upton Cressett. Edmund Pryce, B.A. Elizabeth Cressett, of Cound, spinster.Thomas Taylor.Death.
1789 Feb 10Upton Cressett. Edward Evans.Elizabeth Cressett, spinster.Edmund Price. Death.
1791 Feb 16Upton Cressett. William Towne.Elizabeth Cressett.Edward Evans.Death.
1829 Jan 1Upton Cressett. Henry Burton, jun., B.A.John Cressett Pelham, esq.William Towne.Death.
1873 Nov 8Upton Cressett. George Stephen Hinton.Henry Thursby Pelham, clerk.Henry Burton.Death.
1889 Aug 14Upton Cressett. John Thos. Windmill Claridge, B.A.Jas. Augustine Harvey Thursby-Pelham, esq. [1]George Stephen Hinton.Death.
1891 Apr 24Upton Cressett. Samuel Gracie Hayward.James Aug. Harvey Thursby-Pelham, esq.John Thos. Windmill Claridge.Resignation.
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