Welsh Bicknor

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Dec 18Welsh Bicknor. John de Ledbury.Prior and convent of Monmouth.  
1290 Jun 13Welsh Bicknor. Reginald de Radnor.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1349 Jul 7Welsh Bicknor. John de Bymbrok, clerk.The king (Monmouth priory).John de Grymmesby.Resignation.
1349 Jan 19Welsh Bicknor. Walter do Ratford, vicar of Duntsburn Abbots. John de Brymbrok, rector.Exchange.
1350 Jan 19Welsh Bicknor. Walter de Ratford.The king (Monmouth priory). Exchange.
1361 Jan 29Welsh Bicknor. John Baderlone.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1385 Apr 30Welsh Bicknor. Nicholas Dyer, chaplain.The king.John Bytturlowe.Resignation.
1386 Aug 13Welsh Bicknor.VJohn Sempyngham, chaplain.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1392 Mar 19Welsh Bicknor.RJohn Shorne.The Crown.  
1399 Nov 16Welsh Bicknor. Maurice ap David.The Crown.  
1402 Apr 7Welsh Bicknor. Howell ap Meuret, chapl.Prior and convent of Monmouth.  
1406 Jan 30Welsh Bicknor. Roger Monke, chaplain.Prior and convent of S. Mary, Monmouth.Henry Payn.Resignation.
1413 Sep 14Welsh Bicknor. John Taylour, chaplain.Prior and convent of Monmouth.Roger Monk.Death.
1417 Nov 17Welsh Bicknor.VRichard Brompton, rector of Munsley, (by his proctor John Bynor, formally appointed before David ap Kyiwrit alias Roose, public notary of the diocese of S. Asaph).Prior and convent of Monmouth.John Taylor, vicar of Welsh Bicknor.Exchange.
1420 May 9Welsh Bicknor. Richard Chestre. Prior and convent of Monmouth.Richard Cove.Death.
1422 Sep 12Welsh Bicknor. Richd David, alias Fowler, chapl. [1]Prior and conv. of Monmouth.  
1426 Feb 1Welsh Bicknor. Richard Chester, chapl.Prior and conv. Monmouth.Richd. Fowey.Death.
1429 Feb 9Welsh Bicknor. Richard Happis.Prior and conv. of Monmonth.Richd. Chester.Deprivation.
1437 Oct 19Welsh Bicknor. John Snell, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Richard Haper.Resignation.
1438 Mar 24Welsh Bicknor. William Tompkyns, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Snell.Resignation.
1441 Aug 1Welsh Bicknor. Robt. Otter, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1472 Jun 9Welsh Bicknor. John Goodsone.Prior and conv. of Monmouth. [3]  
1481 Oct 4Welsh Bicknor. Richard Kyngge. [2]The bishop, by lapse.  
1486 Sep 10Welsh Bicknor. Thomas Lokyer.The bishop, by lapse.  
1515 Feb 10Welsh Bicknor. David Traharne.Thomas, episcopus Lachorensis, prior of Monmouth.Thos. Machyn.Resignation.
1542 Jan 2Welsh Bicknor. John ap Morgan.John Clerk, John Scudamore, and Thomas ap Hoell, for pr. and con. of Monmouth.David Traharne.Death.
1547 Jul 8Welsh Bicknor. John Hopkyns.The king.John Morgan. Death.
1681 Aug 2Welsh Bicknor. Walter Clerke, M.A. The king.William Adams.Death.
1684 Sep 23Welsh Bicknor. Robert Brooke, B.A. The king.Walter Clerke. Cession.
1727 Mar 18Welsh Bicknor. Edward Kidley.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1770 Nov 26Welsh Bicknor. Thos. Parker, M.A.The king.Edward Kidley.Death.
1800 Jun 27Welsh Bicknor. James Evans, M.A. The king.Thomas Parker.Death.
1808 Feb 26Welsh Bicknor. John Seager, B.A.The king.James Evans.Death.
1850 Feb 22Welsh Bicknor. John Burdon, M.A.The queen.John Seager.Death.
1867 Sep 21Welsh Bicknor. Fredk. James Aldrich Blake, M.A.Himself.John Burdon.Resignation.
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