Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1305 Feb 14Wentnor. Roger de Solariis, acol.Peter Corbet.  
1359 Oct 5Wentnor. Wm. de Herdwyk, chaplain.Ralph, earl of Stafford.William de la Lake.Resignation.
1377 Sep 21Wentnor. Thomas Sibascote, chaplain.Hugh, earl of Stafford.  
1390 Aug 30Wentnor. William Marthe.Thomas, earl of Stafford.  
1397 Feb 1Wentnor. David Fissher.The Crown.  
1400 Feb 12Wentnor. John Paunteley, rector of Knill, Hereford dioc. David Fyscher, rector of Wentnor.Exchange.
1401 Feb 12Wentnor. John Paunteley.Edmund, earl of Stafford.  
1404 Jan 27Wentnor. William Paunteley, clerk.Joan, queen of England.Edmund Cleobury.Resignation.
1407 Jun 16Wentnor. David Wrexam, clerk.Joan, queen of England. William Paunteley.Resignation.
1431 Mar 22Wentnor. John Mason,chapl. [2]Humphrey, earl of Stafford.  
1458 May 1Wentnor. John Wodstone, chapl.Humphrey, duke of Buckingham.Brother Robt. Toppyng.Resignation.
1466 Feb 14Wentnor. John Lloide, chapl.The feoffees of Humphrey, late duke of Buckingham. [1]John Wodertone.Death.
1482 Jul 15Wentnor. David ap Jevan Lloyd. [1]Sir John Lingeyn, Isabel, his wife, Thomas Mitton, Thos. Leyghton, and John Newport, armigeri.  
1510 Mar 20Wentnor. John Barker.Edward, duke of Buckingham, earl of Hereford & Northampton.?Death.
1512 May 6Wentnor. John de la Home.Edward, duke of Buckingham, earl of Hereford, Stafford, and Northampton.John Barker.Death.
1528 May 9Wentnor. George Baker.Sir John Lyngen, knt.John Homme.Resignation.
1571 Mar 21Wentnor. Edward Home.Ed., lord Stafford. [3]  
1680 Mar 1Wentnor. John Price, M.A.Christchurch, Oxford.John Roberts. Death.
1722 Jul 6Wentnor. Thomas Griffiths.Ch.Ch., Oxford.John Price, D.D. Death.
1780 Jun 21Wentnor. John Cooke, M.A.Christ Church, Oxford. George Hodges.Death.
1795 May 9Wentnor. Phineas Pett, B.D.Christ Church, Oxford.John Cooke.Death.
1816 Dec 19Wentnor. Thomas Hunt, M.A. Christ Church, Oxford.Phineas Pett.Resignation.
1861 Mar 20Wentnor. Thomas Humphreys, M.A.Christ Church, Oxford.Thomas Hunt.Death.
1875 May 28Wentnor. Henry North, B.A.Christ Church, Oxford.Thomas Humphreys.Death.
1888 Oct 29Wentnor. William Glenn.Christ Church, Oxford.Henry North.Cession.
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