Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1684 Aug 26Weston-under-Penyard. Joseph Harvey, M.A. The bishop.Legitime vacant. Legitime vacant.
1716 Sep 10Weston-under-Penyard. Thomas Bisse, D.D. The bishop.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1731 Jul 27Weston-under-Penyard. Robert Breton, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Bisse, D.D.Death.
1769 Jan 26Weston-under-Penyard. Guy Hill, M.A.The bishop.Robert Breton.Death.
1774 Aug 6Weston-under-Penyard. Charles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Guy Hill. Death.
1775 Dec 4Weston-under-Penyard. Daniel Price, M.A.The bishop.Charles Morgan.Cession.
1776 Jun 17Weston-under-Penyard. Thomas Watkins, M.A.The bishop.Daniel Price.Cession.
1794 Aug 6Weston-under-Penyard. John Russell, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Watkins.Death.
1795 Mar 26Weston-under-Penyard. Thomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1801 May 18Weston-under-Penyard. Richard Walond, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell.Resignation.
1831 Dec 16Weston-under-Penyard. Thos. Huntingford, M.A.The bishop.Richard Walond.Death.
1855 Apr 13Weston-under-Penyard. Edward Burdett Hawkshaw, B.A.The bishop.Thomas Huntingford.Death.
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