Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1281 Oct 12Wistanstow. Roger Springehose, subdeacon.Robert de Stapelton.  
1316 Sep 28Wistanstow. Richard de Ludlow.William de Ludlow.  
1385 Aug 6Wistanstow. Edmund de Lodelowe, chaplain.Richard de Lodelowe, [1] lord of Hodnet, son of Sir John.Ebulo le Straunge.Resignation.
1390 Jul 30Wistonstow. John de Stretton, chapl.Richd. de Ludlow.  
1431 May 30Wistanstow. John Gosenoll.Isabelle Penbruge.  
1460 Nov 28Wistanstow. Wm. Shery, chapl.William Ludlowe, armiger.John Gosenelle.Death.
1523 Nov 20Wistanstow. George Vernon.Thos. and Humph. Vernon, arm.Thomas Aderley.Death.
1533 May 12Wistanstow. Francis Bawdewyn, Thomas Vernon, arm., of Stokesay, and Anne, his wife, and Humph. Vernon, of Hodnet, arm.John Vernon.Death.
1572 Feb 20Wistanstow. John Ellys, M.A.The queen.Last incumbent.Death.
1678 May 16Wistanstow. Francis Atkinson, B.A.William, earl of Craven.Thomas Good, D.D.Death.
1690 May 23Wistanstow. Daniel Griffiths, M.A.William, earl of Craven.Francis Atkinson.Death.
1728 Aug 24Wistanstow. Joseph Dixon, M.A. William, lord Craven. Daniel Griffiths.Death.
1764 Nov 27Wistanstow. Gen. Kimber, LL.D. Fulwar lord Craven.Joseph Dixton.Death.
1791 Jul 14Wistanstow. Robert Augustus Johnson.William, lord Craven. George Kimber.Death.
1791 Dec 5Wistanstow. Robert Augustus Johnson.William, lord Craven. Last incumbent.Promotion.
1799 Apr 5Wistanstow. George Fredk. Nott, M.A.William, lord Craven.Robert Augustus Johnson.Death.
1806 Jun 5Wistanstow. Robert Henry Johnson, B.A.William, earl of Craven.George Fredk. NottResignation.
1816 Mar 26Wistanstow. Christopher Swainson, M.A.William, earl of Craven.Henry Johnson.Cession.
1855 Feb 7Wistanstow. Edward Christopher Swainson.Chas. Walcot, clerk, of Bitterley, and John Rocke, of Clungunford, esq.Christopher Swainson. Death.
1874 Oct 9Wistanstow. John Graindorge Swainson, M.A.Himself.Edward Chris. Swainson.Death.
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