Withington Parva

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jan 28Withington Parva.PNicholas de Genvyle.The bishop. John de Swinfield.Vacated.
1350 Apr 20Withington Parva.PMaster William de Herwynton.The bishop.Richd. Passmer. Death.
1386 Dec 10Withington parva.PJohn Godmestone, incumbent of Reynalton chapel. Thomas Forneys, canon.Exchange.
1402 Nov 29Withington.PJohn Hertespole.The bishop.Hy. Hamertone.Resignation.
1402 Jan 6Wythington.PThomas Felde, prebendary of Attemeldyn, Lincoln dioc.The bishop.John ap Hoel, prebendary of Wythington.Exchange.
1406 Jul 22Withington.PJohn Baysham, clerk.The bishop.Thomas Felde.Resignation.
1407 Aug 25Withington parva.PJohn Loveney, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.  
1422 Jul 21Withington.PJohn Merbury, rector of Kedington.The bishop.John Loveney, canon and prebendary of Withington in Hereford.Exchange.
1427 Sep 23Withington.PNicholas ?The bishop.Thos. Gyllefeld.Death.
1429 Nov 16Withington parva.PJohn Berewe.The bishop.Robert Haliday.Death.
1462 Apr 13Withington parva.PHugh Ragon.The bishop.Master John Berew.Death.
1463 Dec 21Withington parva.PJohn ap Richarde.The bishop.Hugh Ragone.Resignation.
1515 May 9Withington parva.PJohn Eltone, alias Baker, in utroque art. bac.The bishop.John Cole, arc. mag.Resignation.
1548 Jan 8Withington parva.PJohn Compton, Bac. of Theol, alias Baker.The bishop.John Olcon.Death.
1555 May 1Withington parva.PJohn Williams, D.C.L.The bishop.John Compton.Death.
1686 May 6Withington parva.PVincent Owen, B.C.L.The bishop.   
1703 Jun 22Withington parva.PHenry Rogers, M.A. The bishop.Vincent Owen, B.C.L. Death.
1709 Nov 30Withington parva.PRichard Langford, M. A.The bishop.Henry Rogers. Death.
1713 Mar 4Withington parva.PPaul Williams, M.A. The bishop.Richard Langford.Resignation.
1735 Apr 26Withington parva.PWilliam Davies, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1766 May 22Withington parva.PGuy Hill, M.A.The bishop.William Davies.Death.
1767 Sep 25Withington.PHugh Price, M.A.The bishop.Guy Hill. Resignation.
1771 Aug 13Withington parva.PDaniel Price, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Price. Resignation.
1772 May 8Withington parva.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Jones.Death.
1776 Aug 9Withington parva.PThomas Luntley, LL.D.The bishop.Charles Morgan.Resignation.
1800 Apr 12Withington.PMorgan Cove, LL.B. The bishop.Thomas Luntley, LL.D.Death.
1801 Mar 31Withington parva.PTheophilus Lane, M.A. The bishop.Morgan Cove. Resignation.
1814 Oct 22Withington parva.PCharles Maitland Babbington, M.A.The bishop.Theophilus Lane. Death.
1818 Oct 13Withington parva.PArthur Matthews, B.D.The bishop.Chas. Maitland Babington.Resignation.
1843 Dec 8Withington parva.PJohn Venn, M.A.The bishop.Arthur Matthews. Death.
1868 Aug 12Withington parva.PJas. Wayland Joyce, M.A.The bishop.John Venn. Resignation.
1887 Dec 20Withington parva.PChas. Edw. Maddison Green, M.A.The bishop.James Wayland Joyce. Death.
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