Monasticon Anglicanum

The Monasticon Anglicanum is a collection of documents forming the history of the ancient Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, consisting of Abbies, Priories, Friaries, and other religious houses of England and Wales.

It was collected and compiled by Sir William Dugdale (12 September 1605 10 February 1686), and William Dodsworth, and published in several volumes over the period 16551673, starting a year after Dodsworth's death in 1654. Most of the documents included were in Latin, and Dugdale provided an English translation and interpretation.

Sir William Dugdale was a noted antiquary and Garter King of Arms.

Dugdale's original three volumes were enhanced by several later volumes providing updates and adding missing material. These volumes are available on the internet in various formats and from several sources.

However, being mainly in Latin, and in up to eight volumes, it was not suitable for all readers and an abbreviated version was compiled in 1692 by Midgley and printed/published in 1693 by Keble and Rhodes.

It is the Midgley version which I have used as the basis of the version of the Monasticon Anglicanum on this website. I have formatted the text, and made a few minor changes to the spelling and the form of Midgley's original print in order to make it more accessible to the modern reader.

In addition, I have taken the list of religious houses referenced in the Monasticon Anglicanum, and added as much relevant information as I can find on the internet, using modern names and titles to add some value for readers. This list forms the table referred to below.

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