Stephen Whatley's Gazetteer of England

In March 1750, Stephen Whatley's Gazetteer of England was published. It is subtitled "A DICTIONARY of the CITIES, CORPORATIONS, MARKET-TOWNS, and the most noted VILLAGES; their Manufactures and Trade; Markets, Fairs, Customs, and Privileges; principal Buildings, and charitable Foundations, &c. With their Distance from LONDON in Miles both computed, and measured."

The Whatley Gazetteer was published in 3 Volumes, the first two (A to L, and M to Y) as described above. The third Volume is subtitled "A NEW INDEX VILLARIS, OR, Alphabetical REGISTER of the most noted Villages; With their Distance, or Bearing, from the next Market Town, or well-known Place. This WORK includes all the chief Harbours, Bays, Forests, Hills, Mines, medicinal Springs, Moors, and other Curiosities both of Nature and Art; and not only takes notice of most of the Manors and Seats in the Kingdom, both ancient and present; but also points out the old military Ways, Camps, Castles, and other remarkable Ruins of ROMAN, DANISH, and SAXON Antiquity; And particularly shews the Estates that were formerly Abbey Lands."

The Whatley Gazetteer is available on the Internet Archive website in pdf format. The data below has been derived by processing the Whatley pdf files as follows:

The extracted data consists of:

Health Warnings:

The following indexes are available below:

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