Ledbury Births 1696-1706

In carrying out transcription, it was found that the final page of the Ledbury general register 1686 to 1744 is headed: "A district register of all persons born in the parish of Ledbury and not christened". It appears to be the result of a single census carried out in about 1706, probably to record non-conformists. It has been transcribed because, although irrelevant to Donnington, it seems to provide a unique source.

1696 Feb 5,Mary,Daughter of,Robert,Mary,Smith,
1700 Oct 21,William,Son of,William,Sarah,Mason,
1700 Feb 14,Francis,Son of,Robert,Mary,Smith,
1702 Nov 11,Thomas,Son of,John,Sarah,Mason,
1703 Dec 11,John,Son of,John,Sarah,Mason,
1703 Jan 25,John,Son of,John,,Newton,
1703 Jan 25,Margaret,Daughter of,John,Margaret,Presse,
1704 Jul 15,Ebenezer,Son of,John,,Mason,
1704 Mar 9,Elizabeth,Daughter of,John,Sarah,Newton,
1705 Aug 10,Francis,Son of,John,,Mason,
1705 Dec 5,Joshua,Son of,Joseph,Margaret,White,Joseph White is a "husbandman"
1706 Jul 26,George,Son of,John,Sarah,Newton,
1706 Sep 4,Joseph,Son of,John,,Mason.

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