Donnington Church Seats

Donnington Church was repaired in the year 1796 by Joseph Hill of Gloucester, joiner, and the numbered seats therein were erected by and belonging to the Persons and Places herein mentioned.

No. Persons Places

  1. Mr. Church, Dinchall
  2. Mr Biddulph, Nurdens
  3. Mr Freeman, Hall
  4. Mr Church, Dinchall
  5. Mr Hill, Farm
  6. Parish, Reading desk
  7. Parish, Clerks desk
  8. Mr Wm. Hemmings
  9. Repaired by Mr Jenkins, Parsonage
  10. Mr Freeman, Donnington Hall
  11. Mr Jenkins
  12. Mr Saunders, Smallends
  13. Mr Ffield, Bondhouse
  14. Mr Wm. Hankins, Blockes
  15. Mr Freeman, Donnington Court

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