Leland's Itinerary of England and Wales: Part IV.




HENRY LACEY, Erle of Lincolne, had emong many other lordshipes Grantcester by Grantebridg, wher he set up one of his kinnesmen, as far as I can conject, a bastard of his, and endowid hym with landes partely there and partely yn other places; and commaundid that this Lacey so set up in Grantecester should and his successors ever-to name theyr sunnes and heyres by the name of Henry: the which thinges hath beene religiously observid hyther to. And this was the original beginning of the house of the Laceys of Grantejcester in Grantebridge shire as I lernyd of hym that now ys heyre of these lands. Henry the vi. emonge other things gave onto the College that he made yn Grantebrige his lordship of Grantcestre. This Henry by enheritaunce ... of Henry Lacey that was Earle of Lincolne lands.

Wyvel of the northe, that was the auncientest of that name, had his principal house at Slingesby yn Yorkshire. And this Wyvelle was a man of fair landes. Slyngesby about a v. miles from Malton yn Riedale in the way from Malton to Newborow, that is distant xn. miles from Malton. The house of Slyngesby and the landes of this Wyvelle be devolvid to the Lord Hastinges by heires general.


That Wyvell that now is duelpynge at Burton Parva by Masham in Richemontshire, cummithe of a yonger brothar of the Wyvelle of Slyngesby. He hath Burton Parva by an heyre generalle of one of the Pygotes of the



northe. Sergeant Pygot aboute Henrye the ... dayes was a man of faire lands, and was of a nother yonger brothar of the Pigotes, and his landes, as I remember, be also descendid to heyres generales.

The house caullid Clifton, like a pile or castelet, distant aboute a mile and an half from Litle-Burton, was the Lorde Scropes of Masham.

This Lorde Scropes landes in continuaunce devolvid to 3. doughters of one of them. Wherof one of them was maryed to Strangaise of Harlesey, a nother to Danby, the 3. to Strelley, com. Nott. Of this thirde descendid 2. doughtters, wherof one was maryed to Bingham, the other to Wyvelle that now liveth and hath Clifton by her.

Dns Rogerus Golaffre Miles, dns de Cercedene tempore Joannis Regis. Hic genuit Rogerum, qui fuit Miles tempore


Henrici 3. 6 Edwardi i. Uterque humatus in Domo Capitulari de Bruera in Comit. Oxon.

Dns Joannes Miles, filius Rogeri junioris, genuit ex Alicia Colworp uxore sua Thomam armigerum, 6 Rogerum, ac Gul. Joannes obiit ao. D. 1297, Non. Jun. & Regni Edwardi primi 25. Sepultus fuit in Ecclesia de Bruera. Thomas armiger ex Joanna ejus uxore genuit Joannem, qui Miles fuit. Obiit Thomas anno 6. Edwardi 3. Rogerus Thomce frater non habuit liberos. Thomas sepultus est in Bruera. Joannes Miles, Thoma filius, ex Elisabeth filia 6 herede Joannis Fyffeld armigeri Dni de Fyffede in Comit. Barkshir. genuit Thomam armigerum positum in recta tinea, 6 Gulielmum, ac Julianam filiam in charta positos ad dextram, ac Joannem armigerum, 6 Nicolaum militem positos in leva charta. Joannes miles obiit 3. Januar. anno dom. 1363. & Edwardi 3. 39. Sepultus est in Eccl. de Fyffede. Elisabeth ejus uxor obiit ante xum Ia. Febr. ao. D. 1360. 6 Edwardi 36. Sepulta est in Eccl. Parochiali de Fyffede.


Thomas, armiger, first weddid Margaret Foxley, doughter to Thomas Foxley, and syster to Syr John Foxley, knight, of Barkshir, caullid Margaret Parker, Lady of Radeley beside Abingdon, and had by her issue only John Golaffre that last died, and no mo. And the sayde Thomas dyed at Radeley



beside Abingdon the xxvi. of August the yere of oure Lorde 1378. anno 2. Richardi 2. and was buried in the quier of the Blak Freres in Oxford. Margaret his wyfe dyed anno Dom. 1396. and was buried with hir husband Thomas.

Thomas Golaffre, armiger, had John a squier, that first was weddid the Lady Brun, mother to Syr Morice Brun, knight. Steward of Housold with my Lord of Glocester. After John Golaffre weddid the Lady Ingelfeld, and after the Pole, wife to Sir Gualter Poole, and had no issue of his sayde 3. wifes. He dyed at Fifede [a] the xxiii. of February ao. D. 1441. et 20. Henrici 6., and ys buried in the chirch of Fifede a in Barkshire.

William Golaffre squier, sun to Syr John Golaffre and Elizabeth, heir of Fifede, and a yongger brother to Thomas Golafre squier, weddid Alice Bisshop, doughter and heyr to John Bisshop of Abingdon. Both they dyed without issue. William was buried yn the Gray Freres in Oxford. Alice was buried in her paroche chirch at Abyngdon.

Juliane Golaffre, sister to this William, was maried to Robert of Wightham [b] in Barkshire, had Richard and divers other childern.

Robert dyed ao. D. 1406. Juliane dyed ao. D. 1408. Both were buried in the chirch of Witham.

Richardus de Wightham weddid Alison Daundesey, doughter of Walter Daundesey gentilman of Oxfordeshir: and by her had issue a doughter caullid Agnes, maryed to William Browning by John Golaffre esquier. the wich John toke Agnes his cosyn in the secund degre for his right heire.

Marie, Elizabeth, Eleanore, Catarine, Margaret, Felice, Agnes, right sisters to Richard Wightham.

John Golaffre esquier, sun to John Golaffre knight and Elizabeth, heir of Fifede, had issue John, after knight.

This John knight maried Amice doughter and heir to Thomas of Langeley Lorde of Langeley. But she shortly dyed without issue by hym.

Then maried this Syr John Golafre Isabel Lady Missende, dwelling at Missenden and Queinton [c] in Bukkenghamshir, doughter to Syr Bernard Brocas: but he had no issue by her.

[a] Fyfield.
[b] Wytham.
[c] Quainton.



But he had in his wife Isabel's tyme issue by a leman, caullid Johenet Pulham, Alice, after priores of Burnham by Windesor, and John, after knight.

John Golafre, knight, father to John the bastard, dyed at Queinton ano. D. 1379. and was buried in the Gray Freres at Oxford.

Isabel his wife was byried after at Missenden Priory.

Syr John Golaffre bastard weddid Dame Philip Lady Fitzgualter. He died at Walingford ao. Di. 1396. & 20. Reg. Richardi 2. and was biryed ny Richard the 2. tumb at Westminster. This Philipe after maryed the Duke of York that was killid at the batel of Agingcourt in Fraunce.

This Dame Philip dying yn Henry the 6. dayes was buryed at Westminster nere her husband Syr John Golaffre the bastard and lord of Langeley.

Brouninges wife afore rehercid after the deth of Brouning was maried to a younger brother of the Homes, the which though he had no issue that livid by hym, yet he procurid of hir to his use the maner of Circeden in Oxfordshire, and the principal house with it of the Golaffres.

This Home after marying, had issue father to Home the pensionar.

The familie of the Home rose by a riche marchaunt stapeler of that name about Kent whos testament cam to a xx. thousand poundes, as I have harde say. The heyres landes of hym be sparkelyd, but a pece remaynithe to the chefe Framelingham of Southfolke, whose mother was heir generall to this Home.

Gualter de la Rivers was the first of that name that had landes yn Yorkeshir.

Mowbray Erle of Northumbreland gave Water the lordship of Bransby, wher the chief house of the Ryvers yet is, and a nother lordship by it that yet remaynith to the Ryvers.

This lande was gyven firste to Gualter but for terme of his life.

Bransby 3 miles from Shiref-hutten [a] and 4. miles from Newborow, [b] yn the high way almost betwixt booth.

[a] Sheriff Hutton.
[b] Newburgh.


Nicolas, sunne and heir to Walter, had this lande gyven to hym and to his heires.

The Ryvers yn tyme past had the lordship of Hooke in Lincolnshir, that is 160. poundes by the yere.

The Ryvers had also Helperby by York, but I think that these 2. lordship cam to them by mariage of heires general.

Wylliam Delapole Duke of Southefolk had to his wife Alice doughtier and heir to Chaucer, lord of Ewelm, Dunington, [a] Hoke-Northon [b] and other land. This William with Chaucer's doughter his wife was founder of the hospital of Ewelme.

This Willyam was a very great man with Henry the vi. and had gatherid by autorite great sum of treasoure for hym, of the which apon a tyme he tooke a certein part withowt licens to a feete at his own pleasure, and setting owt a certein navie of his own mynde was after encounterid with other shippes and taken, behedid, and the bodie of hym laide on the shore about Dovor side.

This William's wife is honorably buried in the hospitale of Ewelme.

Pole of Darbishire, beside the partition of the landes of Chaundoys that he hath with Bridges of Glocestreshir, hath partition of Muttons a knight sumtyme of Leircestershir with one Vincent, the which dwellith at Pekkerton, the hedde house of the Muttons.

Syns I hard that Harington of Rutheland had parte of the Muttons landes.

There was a Vicount of ... in Normandie caullid Bertine or Berthram Eintwesel that cam into Englande, and was much of the faction of King Henry the vi. and slayn at one of the batelles of S. Albane, and buried yn the paroche chirch of S. Albane under the place of the lectern in the quier, wher is a memorial of hym.

There yet remaynith yn Leic.shire a mene gentilman of the name of Eintwesil.

[a] Donnington Castle, Berkshire.
[b] Hook Norton, Oxfordshire.


There was a doughter of this Counte Eintwesil caullid Lucy of whom mastar Brudene yn Northamptonshir descendith.

John Darcy baron that dwellid at the lordship of Snafe toward Trente in Lincolnshir betwixt Torkesey and Gainesborow had to wife Marye the widow of Counte S. Paule, doughter to Edwarde 2. alias Cairarvon, and sister to Edwarde the 3., and by her he had a sun caullid John. And he had with her ... lordship in Darbyshir. This sun John Darcey maried Elisabeth doughter and heir to the Lord Menel. Darcy the sunne by this mariage was muche avancid.

This John the sunne had by Elizabeth, John and Philippe, men childern. John died without issu.


Philip had 2. doughters, wherof the one was maried to Stranways, the other to Conyers.

The Lorde Menel was principal lorde of al Cliveland, [a] and al the gentilmen yn it for the most part did hold there landes of the Menel fee. And the Lorde Menel held of the Archebishop of Cantewarbyri. Wherapon at this presente tyme the Archebishop hath 2. lordshipes of such landes as were the Menelles by north during the nonage of the Lord Conyers that now is.

Whorleton [b] in Cliveland was the principal house of the Lord Menelle, which syns cam to Mr. Strangways in partition. The Lord Menel was also Lord of Yarn [c] lordship in Cliveland, Semar [d] and Midleton lordshipes in Cliveland, and Grenho [e] in the egge of Blakmore. Menel was also lord of other lordshipes in Cliveland.

Menel was lord of al Chiveot in Northumbreland and other ii. lordshippes there. Master Strangwaise and Conyers after devided the landes betwene them of the Lord

[a] Cleveland.
[b] Whorleton Castle.
[c] Yarm.
[d] Seamer.
[e] Greenhow.



Falconbridg, to whom Skelton Castelle in Cliveland longgid, the which ys now in Coniers possession by partition.

My Lorde Bakers of Gillesland told me that the Castelle of Nawarde [a] belongid sumtyme onto the Vaulx; and that it cam by heires generale yn to the handes of the Dakers afore or ever the landes of the barony of Greistoke felle onto them. He told me also that there is yet in those quarters a meane gentilman caullid Vaulx of the house of Vaulx of Nawarde.

Sins I lernid of Mr. Bowes that Cospatrik the chief lorde of Westmerland, Cumbreland and Northumbreland lay at Naward Castelle sumtyme as a place of his owne. But he thinkith that the Vaulx were reedifiers of it.


The familie of the Chaveneis [b] of Leycestershire cam, as I have lernid, out of the quarters of Poiters in Fraunce, wher be yet gentilmen of the same name. The first of shirethem, as it is saide, cam out of that parte with the Blak Prince sunne to Edwarde the 3. after the batelle of Poiters, and had landes given him in Leircestreshire. The name of Chaveneis leasis yet remainith not very far from Bever Castelle. The Yerle of Rutheland hath them now.

Chaveney that was great with the Blak Prince had 4. sunnes that were of Richard the secunde partie, of the which 3. dyed in the quarelles betwixt Richard the 2. and Henry the 4., wherapon old Chaveney gave parte of his landes to Croxton Abbay and to Newbow: and Jening Chaveney superviving his father had summe parte. This man was graundfather to Chaveney now living. The land is almost al gone.

This familie took name of a paroche in Northumbreland, wher hath beene gentilmen of that name. [c]

Of later time there hath beene menne of estimation of this name in the town self of Kendale. wherof one is now in the courte a pensionar to the Kinge.


The auncient house, as far as I can lerne, that the possessid is Choldretoun, [d] a mile and a half from Andover in Hamptonshire: wher yet remainith a fair maner place buildid for the moste part of flint.

[a] Naworth, Cumberland.
[b] Chaveney.
[c] Bellingham.
[d] East Cholderton.



The Vine by Basingstoke was also of the auncient landes of the Sannes, [a] but it was given owt in mariage to one of the Brokesses: and so remainid ontil the late Lorde Sandes afore he was made baron recoverid it into his possession; at the which tyme ther was no very great or sumptuus maner place, and was onely conteinid within the mote. But he after so translatid and augmented yt, and beside buildid a fair base court, that at thys time it is one of the principale houses in goodly building of all Hamptonshire. The great encresing of the landes of this Syr William Sannes, after lord, cam by his wife nepos ex fratre to Syr Reynald Bray. This Bray going to Blakeheth Feeld left Sannes tanquam heredem: and Bray after this feeld purchasid a thousand markes of lande by the yere more then he had afore; and after died, leving no other wille then that that he made at the tyme of Blake-Heth feld. Wherapon great controversie rose, Sannes claiming the landes by the testament, and young Bray nepos ex fratre to Syr Reynald Bray. This controversie was after ended by the King and his counsel, that made a certen partition of Syr Reynald Bray's landes betwixt them.

The Lorde Sannes that lately died made an exchaunge with the King, and gave Chelsey by Westminstre for Motesfont Priory [b] in Hamptonshire, wher he began to translate the old building of the priory, and to make a fair maner place, but the work is left onperfecte.

The Lorde Sannes now beyng hath to wife the Erle of Ruthelan sister: and hath 4. sunnes and 6. doughtters yet living by her.

I saw at Mr. Yorkes in a rolle of petygre 12. of the Mortimers sette owte in roundelettes, wherof the first was Hugh that cam yn, as it was written there, with the Conquerour King William.

The secund was Roger founder, as it was there writen, of Wigmore Abbay in the marches of Wales.

The 3. was Radulphe that weddid Gladuse Buy, doughter to Lleweline Prince of Wales.

The syxt was Roger the first Erle of Marche, that had to wife the doughter of Geneville.

[a] Sandes or Sandys family.
[b] Now Mottisfont Abbey.


The last was Roger.


The Bowes were gentilmen in the Bisshoprike of Dirham long afore Henry the 5. tyme, and had the chief land and house of theyr name that they have there, yet one of this house caullid Syr Gul. Bowes was chaumbrelayne with the Duke of Bedeforde, brother to Henry the 5. and uncle to the 6, and Protector and Governour in Fraunce; by whos favor Bowes, caullid in Frenche Mounser de Arches, being yn Fraunce with hym axvij. yeres, waxid riche, and comming home augmentid his lande and fame. Bowes of the Kinges Counsel at Yorke is a younger brother of the chief house of the Bowes. And Bowes that was in Fraunce was great grauntfather to this Bowes of the Counselle. And he is also uncle to the best of the Bowes that now is.

Syr William Bowes that was in Fraunce with the Duke of Bedeford did builde d fundamentis the manor place of Stretlam [a] in the Bisshoprik of Dirham, not far from Barnardes Castelle.

The chief house and the aunciente of the name is in the bisshoprike at ...

Ros, that dwellith at Ingmanthorpe in Yorkshir a 2. miles a this side Wetherby, cummith of a yongger brother in descentes tyme past of the house of the Lord Ros. Wetherby longgid yn tymes paste also to the house of this Ros, and diverse other theraboute.

Ther was a lorde in Hertefordeshire caullid the Lorde How. And his manor place by the name of How yet there partely remainith about the quarter of S. Albanes.

Syr Geofrey Boleyn Mair of London, as I hard, maried one of the doughtters and heyres of the Lord How.

This Syr Geffrey was Mair of London an. D. 1457.

Syr Geffrey got togither about an 100. markes of lande.

Syr Geffrey buildid a fair house of brike at ... yn Northfolke.

Syr Geffrey died a great rich man.

Syr Geffrey was borne at Thornege [b] toward Walsingham,

[a] Streatlam.
[b] Thorney.


a lordeship of the old landes of the Se of Norwich, and ther be yet sum husbandmen of that name.

Geffrey had William, and he maried one of the 2. doughters and heires, and Seintliger the other, of Boteler Erle of Ormund and Lorde Rocheforde.

William had Thomas lately Erle of Wileshire.

But the lordeship of How in Hertefordeshir longgid a late to Richard Farmer, marchaunte of London, before the forefaicte taken of hym for mesprision.

Copley had a nother doughter and heir of the Lord Howe.

Caro had a nother, of whom Syr Nicolas Carow, Master of the Horses, cam.

The 4. was maried to Devenish.

So that emong these 4. was a 320 li. landes by yere devidid.

Mr. Gage, Controller of the Kinges Howse, hath the substance of the landes of the Sainct Clere that was the chiefest of that name yn Devonshire by the heire generale.

One told me that much of the lande that Mr. Gage hath landes of the S. Clares in Kente.

There is yet in Devonshire one of the Sainct Cleres, a man of meately fair landes, that descendith of a yongger brother of the principal house of S. Clere of Devonshire.

There hath beene of the Dalaunsons in Lincolnshir that hath beene menne of very fair landes many yeres syns: but of laters dayes they wer not of any Sreat landes: not passing a C. li. or a C. markes.

I askid Doctor Dalaunsun, brother to the heire of that name that now is, but he could telle me litle of that name or of the cumming up of it in Lincolnshir.

Mr. Sheffeld told me that Dalaunsun of Lincolnshir hath a part of the landes of Vere of Lincolnshir, that came out of the house of the Erles of Oxforde.

These thinges folowing I gatherid out of an old rolle of Master Streitley of Notinghamshir.

Robertus Stretley pater, & Robertus ejus filius vixerunl primis annis Regni Edwardi primi.



Stretley habuit terras in Stretley, Chilwelle & Adingburgh.

Hawisia uxor Roberti Stretley.

Ermegarda uxor Roberti Stretley.

Gulielmus Vavasor Vicecomes Regis Henrici 3. in Notitighamshire & Darbyshire, ac custos Castrum de Notingham.

Harstam ac Bolesouer.

Harestan, Bolesover, Castella in Skardale 4. millibus passuum a Chesterfeld.

Robertus filius Gul. Vavasor.

Elisabeth ac Annora filice & heredes Roberti Vavasor tempore Edwardi primi.

Joannes Blakeburne, & Joannes Harington, ac Matilde ejus uxor, consanguinea Roberti Stretle, filii Roberti, litigabant cum Roberto filio pro terns in Stretle, Chilwelle & Adingburgh.

Iidem litigabant cum Hawisia 2. uxore Roberti Stretley (ut ego colligo) patris, pro terris in Oxton Holebek & Triberhaw.

Sampson Stretley miles ejusdem families longo post tempore.


The father of John Heydun began to gette sum land, and inhabited at Baconthorp, wher be likelihod the Bacons yn tymes past had been men of sum reputation.

John apperteinid al to the law, and purchasid landes, and began the front or the gate-house of the new maner place of Baconthorpe: and dyed withoute farther building there.

Henry, sunne to John, passid not of the gaines of the law, or to any great getting by service, but al for profite at home. And yet he did great feates.

Fyrst he performid with an exceding cost the hole house wherof John began only the fronte.

He purchasid 300. markes of land yn yerely rent.


Wherof an hunderith It. by yere is at Wikam [a] by Lewsham in Surrey, toward Croydon, wher he buildid a right fair manor place, and a fair chirche.

He left xl. ll. land by yere to eche of his 2. yongger sunnes.

[a] Wickham.



John Heydun knight now lyving, sun to Henry.

Al these 3. wer men of fair age: and al their landes cam by purchace.

The graundfather of Townesende now lyving was a meane man of substance.

The father of Townesende now living got about a hunderith pound of land by the yere with much traveling yn the law.

Townesende now beyng, first by enclining to the law, and good husbandrie at home, hath encreasid his lande to the sum of a nother hunderith li.

And this Towneshend now lyving by mariage of a doughter, heir generale to Hansarde of Lincolnshir, hath aboute 300. markes byside of landes and yerely rente.

He hath had fair issue by this woman, so that his sunne and heire shaul be a man of a 600th. markes of land by the yere.

Yet cam not al the landes of the Hanshardes to Townesende. For there be yet left of the name.


The eldest house of the Gravilles is within a 2. miles of Banbyri at Drayton, the which village is in Oxfordshir.

Sum hold opinion that the Gravilles cam originally in at the conquest.

The first notable encrese of the landes of Graville of Draiton cam by one Lewis Graville, that maried Margaret the doughter and heire of a noble caullid Syr Giles Ardene. The wife of the which Syr Giles was namid Philip, and she likewise was a woman borne to faire landes. So that the possessions of Giles and Philip descendid onto Lewys Graville, whos fair tumbe is yet sene in the paroche chirch of Draiton.

The sunne of Lewys had to wife the doughter and heire of one Corbette.

And his sunne had the doughter and heire of one Pointez.

And Court Rolles remayne yet at Draiton that the Grevilles landes ons by yere were 3300. markes.


And Gravilles had Knap-Castel [a] and Bewbusch-Parke

[a] Knepp Castle.



and other landes in Southsax by descentes of theire name: the which afore longid to the Breoses; and sins after much sute and composition they cam to the Hawardes Dukes of Norfolk.


Ther was one of the Gravilles of Draiton after that they cam to the great landes that much usid the se and dyed in warfare. This Graville left one Somerton, a meane gentilman of Draiton in Oxfordeshire, a peace of whos house as in a gate yet remainith, to whom he left his land in feoment withowt declaration of wylle to any use. Wherapon Somerton sold much of it, and sum convertid to his owne heires, the name of whom a late remained. And thus began the land to decay.

And the graunt-father of the heire of Graville of Drayton yet lyving sold much.

Gravilles of Drayton claime to be heyres to the Lord Denham.

Graville now lyving heir of Draiton is a man of a 400. markes of land by the yere.

The yongger brother of the heir of Draiton now lyving hath a good peace of the Lorde Brokes land by an heir generale.

Ther hath beene divers other of the Gravilles as yongger brethern of the house of Draiton that hath purchacid fair landes, and otherwise cum to landes by mariage of heires generalles.

Though a great peace of the landes of Giles Arden cam to Lewys Graville, yet is ther one Arden at this tyme in Warwikeshir that is a man of a 300. markes of land by yere.

This Pointes afore rehercid cam thus oute of the house of Pointz of Acton in Glocestershir. Roberte Pointz had 2. sunnes, Nicolas and Thomas.

Thomas had landes given onto hym an honest portion by Robert his father.

Thomas had a sunne caullid Roberte, and this Robert lefte heire, or heires general maried to one of the Gravilles of Draiton.


Part of this landes given owt is sins partely by purchase, partely by exchaunge, returnid to the Pointz of Acton.

One Menelle, a gentilman of reputation in Darbyshire, owner of Langeley betwixt Rocester and Darby, and of Ascheton on Trent in Darbishir, that is within lesse then 2. miles of Duningtune-Castelle yn Leircestreshir, and also of Newhaul not far from Burton apon Trent, left 3. doughters, whereof one part, that is to say Langeley, cam by descent of one of the sisters, doughters to Menelle, onto Mr. Basset of Derbyshire.

Asscheton cam by a nother to one Hunte.

Newhaul cam to the lot of Dedike in partion ? partition: and so evrey one of them had a 100. markes by yere and a manor place.

The Baron of Hilton in the Bisshoprik of Duresme maried the heyre of the Clarevalx by Tese: but she hath bene long maried and hath no childern.

The Lord Dacres of the south is caullid Fines by propre name; and so is caullid the Lord Clinton. There was also in Henry the v. and the vi. tyme one of the Lorde Sayes caullid Fynez.

The last of the Lorde Sayes being in renowme was twise taken prisoner, wherby he was much punishid by the purse. Wherapon he was fain to lay most part of his land to morgage and solde clerely part of it. So that sins the name of the barony of Say is extinctid, but the heire males of the Lord Say in descent yet remainith caullid by the name of Fines.

Richard Farmer's doughter hath maried the heires of these Finez, a man of fair landes booth yn Oxfordeshire and Southamptonshire. But his most landes cam by descentes onto hym by the heir generale of one Wikam, maried into this house of the Finez.

Wikam was owner of the lordeship and fair maner place of Broughton in Oxfordshire about a mile from Banbyri.


John Throkmerton was the first setter up of his name to any worship in Thorkmertun village, the which was at that tyme nother of his inheritaunce nor purchace, but as a thing



taken of the sete of Wiccestre in farme, bycause he bare the name of the lordeship and village.

This John was Under-Treasorer of Englande about the tyme of Henry the v. and lyith biried at the paroche of Flatbyri a lordship of his a 6. miles from Eovesham in Worcestershire. wher be other of his name and linage buried in the same chirch.

This John had a sunne and heire caullid Thomas.

Thomas had a sun and heire caullid John.

John had Roberte.

Robert had Syr George Thorkmertun.

George had a sun and heir caullid Sr. Robert, and he hath Thomas.

The Throkmertons landes be augmentid by mariage with the heires of Spiney and Olney.

The firste setting up of the house of the Nedams of Chestershir cam but a 2. descentes from the heir of the Nedams now lyving, and being a knighte by one Nedam a iuge yn the law.


One Ecmundetoun, a gentilman of auncient name, maried one of the heires generales of the Lorde Davelles. Wherby he and his heires yet have a manor place of his yn the Masse a part of Yorkshir, at Fokerby [a] in the paroch of Ethelingflete, [b] wher an arme castith owte of Ure.

This Fokerby is aboute half a mile from Ethelingflete.

Ethelingflet is the best toun of al Masse land, and yet it ys but an uplandeisch town.

There be buried, as I harde, one or 2. of the Davelles yn the paroch chirch of Ethelingflet.

Ecmundetown hath beside landes of the Spaines.

And of one of the Stapletons.

Ecmundeston landes cum now to a 140. li. landes by yere.

Ethelingflete vj. myles beyond Buterwyke.

Turwith now being yn the courte a late a haunchman

[a] Masse, a manorial estate (Lat. massa), the mansion at Fockerby.
[b] Adlingfleet.



hath marled the heir generale of the eldest house of the shire. Oxenbridges of Southsax, by whom he shaul have 140. li. lande by yere.

This yonge Turwhit is sun and heir to olde Turwhites sunne of Lincolnshire.


Master Estsax of Barkshire cummith oute of the house of Estsaxis long sins knighttes of fame yn Estsax. The landes of Estsax of Estsax were disparkelid, and the glorie of that familie was almost extinctid.

One William Estsax that died a 60. yeres ago was a politike felaw, and in favor of the King, and was Under Tresorer of the Excheker, the which office Mr. Weston a late had. This Estsax purchacid landes aboute London, and is byried in an isle of the chirch of the late priory of S. Barptolemes in Smithefeld in London.

This William Estsax sun and heir maried the doughter and heire of Babthorpe of Warwikeshir, and by her had a hunderith markes by yere of landes.

Estsax now lyving, sun to the doughter of Babthorp, toke to wife the doughter and sole heire of Rogers of Barkeshir, and by her he had 300. markes of landes by the yere in Barkeshir and theraboute.

Rogers of Barkshir cam owt of the house of Rogers of Dorsetshir, and 3. of them dwelt by descent in Barkshire.

The landes of the Montefortes of Richemontshir hath beene devidid to heires generale, and so decayed. Of late one of the Montefortes dyed, and left 2. doughters that hath yn devision a 240. li. landes by yere.

This Monteforte lay much at Hecforth [a] in Richemontshire wher as Cuthebert Tunstale Bisshop of London was borne, base sunne to Tunstal, as I hard, by one of the Coniers doughters.

[a] Hackforth, Yorkshire.



Girdelington marled one of the doughters of Montefort, and his sunne now dwellith in Hacforth.

One of the Corners maried the other doughter of Montefort.


As for as I could gather of yong Walgreve of the courte the eldest house of the Walgreves cummith owt of the towne of Northampton or ther aboute, and ther yet remaynith in Northamtonshire a man of landes of that name.

One of the Walgreves descending of this house hath a manor place in Southfolke at Smaulbridge not far from Sudbyri. Old Syr William Walgreve, graundfather to Walgreve of the courte, cummith of this house, but his landes most ly in the weste contery. For ther he hath ii. houses; Pynne [a] a 3. miles from Excester, and Spaxton aboute Bridge-Water. This Spaxtun was one Hilles. Pynne was longging to one Cheney. This Cheyney had Hilles landes by an heire generate. Cheney died leving too doughters, wherot the one was maried to Walgreve.

The auncient land and maner place of the Sheffeldes of Axholme was by the Spitle streat in Lincolnshir at a place caullid Hemmeswelle; and from thens they cam to Butterwik [b] in Axholme.

The Lord Clynton that now lyvith had a noble man to his greate grauntfather that was Erle of Huntendune. And he beyng, and sun also, taken prisoner yn Fraunce was putte to so great rawnsum that ther the glory and landes of that familie sore decayed.

The Vicount Duddeley now being is of the Buttons that maried the heyres general of the Dudeleys.

He cummith by his mother side of the Talbot, Lord or Vicounte Lisle.

The Vicount Lisle now beyng derivith hymself from the Erle Somerey and the Lorde Thays.

Dykeby, as far as can be conjectid, cummith by lineal descent owt of the towne of Dikeby, [c] a village yn

[a] The Pynes, Exeter.
[b] Spittal; Butterwick, Lincolnshire.
[c] Digby.



Lincolnshire, wher as yet the heir of the eldest house of the Dikebyes hath a x. li. land by the yere.

As far as I can lerne the eldest place that the Dikebyes of Lincolnshir had in Leircestreshire was at Tilton not far from Shevingtunne.

At Palmesunday feld Digeby the best of that stok namid Everard, as I remembre, was slayne civili bello betwixt Henry and Edward, and the landes of hym was attaintid, but after restorid.

This Dikeby had by heire general as by his wife, as I remembre, a manor and a place at it caullid Stoke by Ludington the Bisshop of Lincolns place in Ruthelandshire, the which afore longgid to one Clerke.

Stoke Dawbeney, as I hard say, is not in Ruthelande, but in Northamptonshir.

One of the Dikeby, sunne to Dykeby attaintid, was of the bande of the Duke of Claraunce, brother to King Edwarde the fourthe.

At the cummingyn of Henry the 7., vi. brethern al of the Dikeby of Tilton and Stoke cam to King Henry the vii. at Bosworth Feld, and toke his part: wherof 3. wer welle rewardid.

And one of this 3. had attaintid landes given hym in Leircestreshire to the value of a hunderith markes by the yere, and after was Knight Mareschal of the Kinges Mareschallery, but after for escape of certen prisoners he left his office paying much of the forfect, wherby he was compellid to selle his stokke of the staple in Calays wher he occupied: and then King Henry the vii. offend hym a great office in the marches of Calays for mony, the wich he forsakid not withoute summe indignation of the King, and Vaulx the riche knight after had it.

This Dikeby had also a peace of the Bellars landes, and bought besides a part or 2. of the same lordship that he was partener yn.

Eche of these 2. houses of the Dikebys hath now almost equale landes, a 360. markes by the yere.


William Pole Duke of Southfolk maried the Countes of Henaude secretely, and gotte a doughtter by her that was after maried to Syr William Barentine's graundfather now being, but Chaucher doughter and heir was after solemnly maried to William Duke of Southfolk, by whom he had very fair landes, and she provid Barentines wife doughter to the Countes of Renault to be but a bastarde.

Barentine for making a riot on Duke William's wife lost a 100. li. lande by the yere.

Olde Fortescue doughter in Henry the vii. tymes maried the sunne and heire of Stoner.

And after, as I hard, old Fortescue sunne maried the doughter and heire of Stoneher.

Fortescue that late was behedid had by Stoners heire generaul 2. doughters: wherof one was maried to the Lord Wentforth now lyving, the other to Fitz-Gerald that was hanggid: but now booth partes be cum to the Lord Wentforth.

The Bisshop of Wincester hath a ferme place agayne S. Dionise yn Hamptonshir on the farther side of the haven caullid Bitherne. At this Bitherne remayne yet tokens and ruines of a castelle.

Sir Arture Hopton told me that the substance of the landes that he hath longgid to the Swillingtons that sum tyme were menne of 2000. markes of landes by the yere or more.

The chief house of the Swillingtons was at Suillington yn Yorkshire a 4. miles from Pontefract castelle toward the quarters of the ryver of Aire.

This Swillington ys yet in Syr Arture Hopton's handes, and ys the principal pece of land that he hath. (It was a late sold to Master North, and he exchaungid with Syr George Darcy for Einesham.)

Such landes as Syr Arture Hopton hath by the Swillingtons yn south aboute the quarters of Blitheborow be of the tenure of Richemont feode.

Syr Arture told me that the Lorde Marquise hath a good peace of land that was Swillingtons.


Syr Arture told me that he ys the syxte or the eight of the Hoptons that hath enherited Swillingtons landys.

Ankerwike nunnery a lite above Stanes on the Tamise bank on Midlesax side.

Litle Morley [a] a nunry sumwhat above Wmdesore bridge on the Tames side in Bukinghamshire.


One of the college of Plescy [b] yn Estsax told me that he hath hard of men of knowlege that the toun and place wher the castelle now standith was of auncient tyme caullid Tumblestoun, and that the new name is writen thus, Castel de Placeto.

It longgid to the Mandevilles: but whither they had it straite after the Conquest or no I cannot know for a surety.

Ther was a great man caullid de Placetes that maried the heire general of the Erle of Warwik.

Thomas Erle of Bukingham sunne to Edward the 3. was ownar of this castelle: and buyldyd the college there,

This Thomas maried Elenor doughter, and one of the heires general of Humfre de Bohun Erle of Hereford, and had by her a doughter caullid Anne.

Elenor is buried in S. Edmundes chapelle at Westminster.

Stafford Erl of Staford maried Anne doughtter and heir to Thomas and Elenor.

Syns one Humfrede Duke of Bokingham was buried with his wife and 3. of his sunnes at Plascey, wher of one, as I hard, was Erle of Wilshir.


The Gray Freres College in the north-west side of the toune of Preston in Acmundrenes was sette in the soile of a gentilman caullid Prestun, dwelling yn the town self of Preston, and a brother or sunne of his confirmid the first graunt of the site of the house, and one of these 2. was after a great man of possessions, and Vicount of Gurmaston, as I hard say, in Ireland.

Diverse of the Prestons were buried yn this house.

But the original and great builder of this house was Edmunde Erle of Lancastre, sunne to Henry the thyrde.

Syr Robert Holand, that accusid Thomas Erle of Lancastre of treasun, was a great benefactor to this house, and ther was buried.

[a] Little Marlow.
[b] Pleshey.



This Holand, as I hard, was founder of the Priory of Holand, a place of blak munkes by Latham in Lancastreshir.

Ther lay in the Gray Freres at Prestun divers of the Shirburns and Daltuns gentilmen.

Ther was a hous of ... Freres at Waringtun.

Ther was a house of Blak Freres at Dancaster.

The toun of Prestun longith to the dukedum of Lancastre.

Ribchestre is a vij. miles above Preston on the farther ripe of Ribyl as Prestun is.

Ribchestre is now a poore thing, it hath beene an auncient towne. Great squarid stones, voultes, and antique coynes be founde ther: and ther is a place wher that the people fable that the Jues had a temple.

Whaulley [a] Abbay a 4. miles above Ribecestre on the same ripe.

Sawley Abbay a ... miles above that, but it stondith ripa citeriori.

There is no bridge on Rible betwixt Prestun and the se.

It flouith and ebbith in Ribyl [b] most communely more then half way up betuixt Prestun and Ribcestre, and at ragis of spring tydes farther.

I redde in a book of Master Garter's that one of the Somersetes did mary with a doughter of the Hollandes. Edmunde Duke of Somerset.

Mr. Milles of Hampton [c] told me that be old sayinges the toun of Hampton sumtymes stoode aboute Wood-Milles, at the mouth of Winchestre [d] Ryver, not far from Newhampton.

And he said also that the old toun was brent by the pinesses of the Spaniardes.

The Giles of Oxfordshir were of some caullid shortly Doilly for de Oilleio.

Oute of a Rolle of the olde Erles of Shrobbesbyri.


Rogerus de Belesmo, Erle of Shrobbesbyri and founder of the Abbay of Shrobbesbyri, was buried in our Lady Chapelle of Shrobbesbyri Abbay.

There were 3. sunnes of this Rogerus de Belesmo buried

[a] Whalley.
[b] Ribble r.
[c] Southampton.
[d] Itchen r.



yn the Chapitre House of the Abbay of Shrobbesbyri: wherof one was caullid Hughe de Belesme.

(The Erle of Shrobbesbyri, of whom AEneas Sylvius Bisshop of Rome doth make right famose mention, was slayn in Fraunce, and his eldest sunne, by his second wife, that was Lord Lisle, with hym.

Then was the eldest sunne of the Erle elder brother to the Lorde Lisle made Erle, and after was slayne or beheddid at Northampton-feelde.

This Erle had diverse sunnes and doughters.

Emong whom John was the eldest, and was Erle, beyng a good simple manne, and died at Coventre non sine suspitione veneni.

This John had emong his brethern one caullid Gilbert Talbot, after a knight of fame, the which buried the Erle his grandfathers bones brought out of Fraunce at Whitechirche in a fair chapelle, wher he is also buried hymself.

The Erle John lefte George his heir and Erle after hym. George left Fraunces now Erle.

Owte of the Petygre of the Talebotes Barons.

Philip Talebot was a man of fair landes in Herefordshir and Glocestershir, and was buried at Cerdingfeld, [a] wher he had a fair lordship.

Gilbert Talbot his sunne made the Priory of Wormisley, and ther was buried, and dyvers after of his line.)

The propre name of the Lord Audeley now beyng ys in olde bookes written Touchet, and not Twichet.

I saw in a booke of Master Garther's of the Nevilles that William Neville, sunne to Da Raby and Jane the base doughter of John a Gaunte, was Erl of Kent. But looke more for the treuth of this.

The eldest house or manor place of the Langevilles yet

[a] Irchenfield.


remaynith at Litle-Billinge, about a 3. miles est from Northampton: and ther ly divers of them buried.

Syns of later tymes half the barony of Roche in Wales cam by mariage to them: and therby also landes in other partes.

The Langevilles of later tymes hath lyen and buildid fairly at Wolverstun [a] in Bukinghamshire nere Stony-Stratford.

Langeville an 103. yeres old made his landes from his heires general to his bastard sunne Arture. The yonger bastard is now heir.

Hedington [b] in Wiltshire.


Hedington of auncient tyme was a prebende longging to Rumesey an abbay of nunnes in Hampshire.

Hedington Prebend was an hunderith markes by the yere and more.

Hedington, Bisshop of Winchester, was borne at this Hedington.

Hedington the Bisshop beyng cheefe rular of England with King Edwarde the 3. and Edwarde the Black Prince did war yn Fraunce.

Hedington buildid a fair new chirch at Hedington, and there made a college with a deane and xii. ministers, wherof parte were prebendaries.

Hedington caussid the Prebende of Hedington to be removid from the title of Rumesey, and to be impropriated to his college.

Hedington procurid beside a 200. markes of landes by yere to his college.

And this was doone about the time that King Edward wan Calays.

Prince Edward caullid the Blak Prince had a great favor to the Bones-Homes beyond the se. Wherapon cumming home he hartely besought Bisshop Hedington to chaunge the ministers of his college into Bones-Homes. Hedington

[a] Wolverton.
[b] Edington.



at his desier entreatid his collegians to take that ordre. And so they did al saving the Deane.

Hedington sent for ii. of the Bones-Homes of Asscheruge [a] to rule the other xii. of his college.

The elder of the ii. that cam from Asscheruge was caullid John Ailesbyri, and he was the first rector at Hedington.

Hedington gave greate substance of mony and plate onto his college.

One Blubyri, a Prebendary of Saresbyri and executor of the wille of Hedington, caussid a great benefice of the patronage of Sceaftesbyri [b] monastery to be impropriate to Hedington.

Blubyri, as I hard, was buried at Hedington.

Syr Richard Penley a knight gave the lordship of Ildesle in Barkshire a 2. miles from Wantage, a market toune. This Penley lay long at Hedington, and ther died and was biried.

Rouse a knight gave to Hedington his fair Lordship of Bainton, aboute half a mile from Hedington.

Rouse ys buried at Hedington.

John Willoughby that cam out of Lincolnshire and maried an heire general of the Lorde Broke, and after was Lord Brooke hymself, lyith buried at Hedington, and was a benefactor to that house.

As I remembre, the sunne of this Lord Broke was steward of King Henry the vii. house; and his sunne was the thirde Lorde Brooke of that name. And he had a sunne by his firste wife, and that sunne had ii. doughters maried to Daltery and Graville.

He had by a nother wife sunnes and doughters.

The sunnes, toward yong men, died of the sweting sykenes.

The Lord Mounjoye now lyving maried one of the doughters;

[a] Ashridge, Bucks.
[b] Shaftesbury.


Pollette sun and heire to the Lord S. John maried the other.


Mr. Hopton of Blitheburg told me that there appere at a litle village caullid Wenhestun [a] about half a mile above Blitheburg on the same side of the ripe that Blitheburg is on certen dikes and tokins wher sum great notable place. And sum devine that ther was sum great place of the lunges of the Easte Angles, and that ther about was the olde abbay that Bede spekith of in historie.

Sum say that the castelle and abbay that Bede spekith of was on the farther side of Blithe, wher a creke cummith yn a mile from Dunewiche, and about a mile and a half from Blitheburge at a place caullid ... hille wher yet appere dichis and hilles, wherof one is notable: and this is more likely to be the place that Bede spekith of.

Mr. Sheffeld told me that afore the old Erle of Oxford tyme, that cam yn with King Henry the vii., the Castelle of Hengham [b] was yn much ruine, so that al the building that now ys there was yn a maner of this old Erles building, except the gate-house and the great dungeon toure.

Mr. Sheffelde told me that a litle beside Colne Priorie yn Estsax, wher the Erle of Oxford usid to be buried, was a manor place of theirs, the dikes and the plotte wherof yet remayne, and berith the name of the Haulle Place.

Syns the ruine of this manor place the Erles hath buildid hard by the priory.

Borow Castelle standith aboute the quarters of Laistofte [c] yn Southfolk. Great ruines of the waulles of this castelle yet appere.

Purefey an alyance of Jeoffrey father of H. the 2d. came

[a] Wenhaston, near Blythburgh.
[b] Henham.
[c] Burgh Castle, Lowestoft.


with hym into England, took parte with his wife Dame Maude the Empress against K. Steven, dwelt first in Tyckell Castell in Yorkshyre, after setled beside Lutterworth in Leyrcestershyre in pasture grondes, called after his name, maned one of the daughters and heires of Waure (of Waver or Over,) and the heyr of Shircforde in Warwickshire: after maned Ayotes heir in Buckinghamshyre. (Thomas) a yonger sonne in Edwarde the Thirdes tyme maried Whellosborowghe daughter and one of his heyrs, and one other maried Norburies daughter and heyer with Bingham's heyr, who was heyr to Strelley of Lynby, and he to Charnelx and Hunt. A yonger of that yonger maried Brettz heir who was Palmers, and an (other) yonger in that discent maried one of Hardwikes heyers, who was heyr of Flaunders, Foundny, Lynley, Ashbroc and Bugg.


Ponsbyri [a] is but an uplandisch tounlet, and is 4. miles Shropshire, toward the south west from Shrewsbyri. There risith a brooke out of an hille therby caullid Ponslithe a litle above the towne, and thens renning goith into Severn aboute half a mile above Shrewsbyri toun.

Ponsbyri is ultra Sabrinam, as Shrewsbyri is: but it is of off Severne ripe a 3. miles by ...

In the chirch of Ponsbyri is a dene and 3. prebendaries. Cole, Subdene of the Kinges Chapel, late Dene of Ponsbyri, did much coste ther of the Mansion House. Ther be 2. other fair houses of the prebendaries.

The Lorde Powys is patrone ther. On the south side of the chirche yarde appere greate tokens and stones faullen downe of a great manor place or castelle: and therby yet remaynith the name of the castelle paviment.

A quarter of a mile or more of from Ponsbyri Chirch is a wood caullid Hokstow-Forest [b] longging to the lordship of Caourse.

In the midle way betwixt the chirch of Ponsbyri and this wood appere certen ruines of a castel or pile apon longging also to the Lord Powys. From this hille a man may see to Shrousbyri and other partes there aboute.

[a] Pontesbury.
[b] Hogstow Forest.



The wood and foreste of Hokstow hath dere and is large, and one way cummith almost to Caourse Castelle [a] longging now to the Lorde Stafford.

The chauntor of S. Davides tolde me that one Martinus de Turribus a Norman wan the countrey of Kemmeys in Wales, about the tyme of King William Conqueror; and that this Martinus foundid the abbay of S. Dogmael in Kemeis, and that he lyith buried in the quier there.


There hath bene at ... Bedwine in Whileshire a castelle or forteres, the ruines and plot wherof is yet seene, and the towne there is privilegid in parlament for a burges town. There is yn the countery of Denbigh in Wales a chapelle by a paroch chirch in a place caullid corruptely Nanclin for Nantglin by Astrat-brooke, [b] where as divers sainctes were of auncient tyme buried.


The toune of Strateford is apon Avon ryver in ripa ulter, as men cum from London to it, and stondith juste vii. myles above Eovesham, and then 2. miles to Warwik apon Avon. The bridge ther of late tyme was very smaulle and ille, and at hygh waters very harde to passe by. Wherapon in tyme of mynde one Cloptun, a great rich marchant, and Mayr of London, as I remember, borne about Strateforde, having never wife nor childern convertid a great peace of his substance in good workes in Stratford, first making a sumptuus new bridge and large of stone, wher in the midle be a vi. great arches for the maine streame of Avon, and at eche ende certen smaul arches to bere the causey, and so to passe commodiusly at such tymes as the ryver risith.

The same Clopton made in the midle of the towne a right fair and large chapelle, enduing it with 50. li. lande, as I hard say, by the yere, wher as v. prestes doth syng. And to this chapel longgith a solemne fraternite. And at such tyme as needeth, the goodes of this fraternite helpith the commune charges of the towne in tyme of necessite.

The fair that longith to Stratford is a thing of a very great concourse of people for a 2. or 3. dayes.

Here marke that Tewkesbyri, Persore, [c] Eovesham, ...

[a] Cawres (Cause) Castle.
[b] Astrad.
[c] Pershore.



Stratford and Warwik stande al on the farther ripe of Avon river.

There is one Clopton a man of fair landes that dwellith by Strateforde apon Avon, and of likelihod much set up by Clopton Mair of London.


George Ferras told me that the men of Dunewich desiring socour for their town againe rages of the se, adfirme that a great peace of a foreste sumtyme therby ys devourid up, and tumid to the use of the se.

The towne of New-Windelesore [a] was erectid sins that King Edwarde the 3. reedefied the castelle there.

Egidius Bisshop of Saresbyri [b] was a great helper to performing of the cathedral chirch there.

This Egidius, as sum say, buildid the fair stone bridge caullid Harnham at Saresbyri, and so was the high-way westward made that way, and Wilton way lefte, to the ruine of that towne.

I harde say also that this Egidius made the College of the Scholars of Vaulx in Saresbyri.

Walterus de La Ville, Bisshop of Saresbyri, erectid the College of S. Edmunde in Saresbyri.

Nicolaus de S. Quintino was first provost of S. Edmundes, and lyith buried there.

There is an hospital in Saresbyri nere the College of the Scholars de Vaulx, and is, as I remembre, dedicate to S. Nicolas.

Mr. Balthasar told me that he found about the cliffes of the Heremitage of Dovar serpentes turnid into stone; and rounde stones of a good biggenes aboute the shore parte of the doune of Dovar, the which broken shoid to have had much metalle, but broking and byding the fier they came to assches.


Bolsover is a fair lordship of the Kinges in Scardale a 4. miles from Chesterfeld: wher as yet remainith a great building of an olde castelle.

There is a praty townelet by Bolsover castelle bering the same ? name now.

Mr. Ferrars told me that one of the Tames did make the fair chirch of Fairford a litle above S. John's bridge on Ise.

[a] New Windsor.
[b] Salisbury.


There was an house of a few nunnes by Crepilgate withyn the waulle of London.

Then came one Elsing, a marchaunt of London, and got this house of the king, and sett chanons regular ther, erecting an hospitale also and enduing it with landes: and syns the house bare the name of Elsing Hospitale.

Thinges that I hard of Mr. Haulle of Huntingdon.


The Erle Ferrars was a lord and owner about Eynisbyri [a] by S. Neotes.

The best and surest knowen limes that can be sette in the fennes in the upper part of Huntenduneshire is the Nene river.

The Delphe [b] as much as standith in ... hundrede is yn the shir of Huntingdune, and a litle part of it on Norman- Cros hundrede yn the same shire.

And it is totally to speke of in Huntendunshir: and if ther be any part of the Delphe over the Nene longging to Thorney, it is no great thinge.

Spaldwik and Bukden geven out of the fee of S. Etheldrede to the Bisshop of Lincoln for the jurisdiction of the Bisshop of Ely in Cambridgeshir.

Rotheram Bisshop of Lincoln buildid the new brike towr at Bukden. He clene translatid the haul, and did much coste there beside.

Engayne had sumtyme Broughton, the barony in Huntenduneshir, of the abbate of Ramesey.

Al the hole shir of Huntendune hath beene, as it is saide, forrest ground: but it is ful long sins it was deforestid. Huntingduneshir in old times was much more woddy then it is now: and the dere resortid to the fennes: and part of the redde of this forest of later times kept Thorney fennys.

Lunetote translatid the chanons from the place wher now S. Maries chirch is in Huntingdune to the place withowt the toun wher it alate stoode.

[a] Eynesbury.
[b] ? King's Delf or Dyke.



One of the Simons Saincte Liz made Psaltre [a] abbay.

There is a limes at Papworth Agnes [b] betwixt Huntendune and Cambridge shires.


Malery told me that ther was a late a collegiate chirch at Cotterstok almost in the midle way betwixt Foderingey and Undale, but cumming from Foderingey onto Undale [c] it standith a litle owt of the way on the right hand. In this college was a Mr. a 3. prestes and a 3. clerkes. The personage of Cotterstok was appropriate to it, and praty landes beside.

One Giffard was, as I hard, the first founder of it. One Nores clayming to be founder even of late hath gotten away the landes that longgid to it. So that now remainith only the benefice to it.

Mr. Shefefelde told me that the very name of Sir George Carow in the weste cuntery, and of his familie, ys Montegomerik: and that Carow is a name of honor taken apon the name of a barony so caullid.

Mr. Carow affirmid the same.

Kent, etc.

Stoone castelle in Kent a 3. miles a this side Grevesende halfe a mile from the shore of Grenehith on the Tamise.

This house longid a late to Champion an aldreman.

Syr John Cutte, knight and Under-Treasorer of England, bought of one Savelle, a man of fair landes in Yorkshir then beyng yn treble, the lordship of Godhurste, [d] with the ruines of a castelle that standith aboute a 2. miles from the bank of Medwege ryver, and a 2. milys from Maidestone.

This lordship at that tyme was partely a ground much overgrouen with thornes and busshes, and was but xx. markes by the yere. Now it is clensid, and the value much enhaunsid. And much goodly wood is yet aboute it.

Old Cutte maried the doughter and heyre of one Roodes aboute Yorkshir, and had by her a 3. hunderith markes of landes by the yere.

Old Cutte buildid Horeham-haule [e] a very sumptuus

[a] Sawtry.
[b] Papworth St. Agnes.
[c] Oundle.
[d] Godard's Castle.
[e] Horham Hall.


Essex, etc.

house in Estsax by Thaxstede, and there is a goodly pond or lake by it and faire parkes there about.

Cutte buildid at Childerley in Cambridgshir.

Cutte buildid at Salsbiry Parke by S. Alban's.

Yong Cutte, sun and heire to olde Cutte, maried one ... and by her by the procuremente of my Lady Lucy.

Langland Bisshop of Lincoln told me that Waynflete Bisshop of Winchestre was borne at Waynflete yn Lincolnshire.

Wainflete was scholar at Winchestre, felow of the New- College of Oxford, and after schole-master at Winchestre.

Wainflete was very great with Henry the VL wherby he was in great dedignation with Edward the 4.

Wainflete made a good part of Eiton-College, begon to be buildid by Henry the vi. but left very onperfect and rauly.

Wainflete buildid Magdalene College in Oxford.

Wainflet buildid a fre-schole at Wainflete.

Waynflet fled for fere of King Ed. into secrete corners; but at the last he was restorid to his goodes and the kinges favor.

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