Leland's Itinerary of England and Wales: Volume II, Appendix.

Extract from APPENDIX 146

Welingborow in Northampton-shire.


Bebi in Leyrcestre. Writhorp in Northampton-shire by Staunford. Elmington by Oundel in Northampton-shire. Cotenham a 2. miles from Cambridge. Hokington 2. miles from Cambridge.

Asewik a farm about 4. miles from Croyland be water apon Weland Water. It was the abbates place. Dunesdale on the hither side of Weland a 2. miles dim. above Croyland. It is a seny place for the make.

Quapelode ix. miles from Crowland and 5. miles from Asewike. Asewik is in Quapelode paroch. Quapelode on Wyland, and the streame is fresch water there.

Gedeney 3. or 4. miles from Quapelode, a praty tounelet for the cuntery. It longid ons to 3. sisters. Croyland had one part, and that sister was biried at Croyland. Lord Wenford hath another parte. Lord Pollet hath now the 3.

Extract from APPENDIX 147

Baston sometime a market toune a mile from Market Deping in Kesten. [a]

Langetoft joynith to Baston.

Burethorp by Baston a 2. miles of. Tetford is the head chirch to Baston Market, wrier is a chapel.

Bukenhalle by Bullingbrooke.

Halington a 2. miles from Louth Market.

Dunedik lordship joyneth upon the Wasch at Fosdik.

Holbech within a mile of Quapelode. Flete ons a market in hominum memoria. It is but a mile from Gedeney, and a faire on St. Magdalenes Day.

Thomas Muleton knight had his castel in the fenne halfe a mile from Quapelode: wherof some smaul parte yet standith. [b] The Lord Fizwalter hath it now, and Lorde Marquis hath another parte of it. Lord Richard hath for lif the Marquis parte.

Portesand [c] is a 14., about vn. miles every. It was ons arable ground but low; but now for lak of cure fenne and marisk, and joinith on Croyland Monastery by est, west and northe. There is a paroche of xviii. score houseling people.

Friston [d] withoute doute stondith on the farther side of Boston Water, and Butterwik and Tofte also thereby long to Friston celle, and 3. village beside in Kesten, and all this was De la Crunnes land.

Alanus de Cruen, Lord of Friston, and that gafe Friston to Croyland Abbay, was buried on the south side of the hy altare of Croyland. He cam yn with King William the Conquerour.

Watkyn Rodeley Esquire that married the Duches of Somerset, was buried in our Lady Chapel on the south side of the chirch. He was alife, as some say, in Henry the vn. dayes. He was a great riche man.

Richard Welleby, Esquier of the body with Henry the vn., lay in a goodly tumbe in owr Lady Chappel. He was borne

[a] Kesteven.
[b] Moulton.
[c] Now Great Porsand.
[d] Freiston.


in Multon in Hollande, and was a man ther of great porte and pour in Holande.

His brother child, Thomas Welby, is the heyre. This Thomas was also buried there.

Coldingham of old tyme was a celle gyven by a King of Scotts to Croyland, and they receyvid oftentime rentes thense. And at the laste Dirham compounded to give Croyland 8. pounds by yeer for it out of theyr celle of St. Leonards by Staunforde.

"Notes of some Families of Staffordshire taken by Leland being his owne handwriting, being loose in folio 127 of this booke, which I have transcribed in this place fearing they might bee lost."

Lord Stafford, at Stafford Castle.

Lord Audley.

Extract from APPENDIX 169


Lord Ferrars of Chartley. The Lord Ferrars hath fayre lands in Herefordshire, and among others Webley Castle.

Asheton hath Wandelep lordship, 4 miles from Leicester.

Asheton were wont to dwel at Heywood vpon Trent againe Shuckesbyry the Byshop of Chesters house; howbeit Shuckesborough of some is wrongly called Haywod. Sir Edward of Asheton of Tixhaul, hee hath Tixhaul by his mother, daughter to Sir William Littleton; shee was not Littleton's heyre, for in his age hee gott a son, that had his mannour of Frankeley, and goodly howse and parke in Worcestershire, a 2 miles from Hales Owen.

Out of Frankley came all the Littletons that bee now. Sir Thomas Littleton that married Littletons heyre of Frankeley, was afore called Westcote, and chaunged his name at the desire of his Father-in-lawe. This Thomas had 3 sons, William his eldest son, Richard his second son had purchased lands by his father, and the house and mannor of Pillenhaul, hard by Penchriche.

Thomas the third son married one heyre generall of Specheley out of Wicestre.

Heyres males of the three Littletons remayne yet.

Sir George Gresley dwelleth at the mannor place of Coleton, and hath a greate parke there vpon Trent, a mile lower than Haywod; hee hath vpon Trent, a mile lower then Burton Towne, a very fayre mannor place and parke, at Draykelo: [a] peradventure this Gresley came of the House of Gresley Castle in Darbyshire.

Sir John Arecourt, son to Sir Simond of Oxfordshire, dwelleth at the barony of Elnehaul [b] in Staffordshire, where is a very antient house, and a greate parke, a 5 miles from Stafford, a mile from Ramton Ronton priory, and 2 miles from Eccleshaul Castle. Sir John hath this by permission of Sir Simon, for this is the olde Arecourts lande.

Arecourt of Ramton, a man of a hundred pound lands, his house is by Ramton, a commeth of a younger brother.

[a] Drakelow.
[b] Ellenhall.



Percehaul of Horseley, a man of hundred marke lande, shire. and hee dwelleth at Horseley, a 2 mile from Ramton, and a mile from Eccleshaul.

This Percehaul commeth of a younger brother of the Percehauls of Knightley, whose heire generall was marryed to Sir John Blunt of Kindilet.

Skrimesha a lawier now aliue, a new gentleman, hath purchased the manner with the place and parke of Northbyri, a 50 li. a yeare; 3 mile out of Newport in Shropshire, but Northbyri [a] is Staffordshire, for Staffordshire cummeth to Newport townes end. This Northbyri was Botelers of Hartfordshire. This Skrimesha hath now a 300 marke lande.

Sir John Giffard dwelleth at Chillington, where hee hath a fayre house and a parke, it is 4 miles from Penckrich, [b] and 2 miles from Uluorhampton. This Giffard married Sir John Montgomerik wife, and Thomas his sunne married the eldest of Montgomerick.

Wratesley of Wratesley village; sumetime the Wratesleys were men of more land then they bee now, and greate with the Earles of Warwick; yet hee hath 200 marks of lande; at Wratesley is a fayre house and a parke, it is 2. mile from Vluerhampton.

Asteley of Petesey hath a fayre mannor, and a goodly parke, hard by Wratesley. The Logge in the parke, of tymbre and lede, is excellent.

Swinerton of Swinerton. Swinerton self is a 2. miles from Stone, but he lyith at Hilton manor, a 2. miles from Vluorhampton. Thomas Luson of Uluorhampton at the townes end is the auntients house of the Lusons.

James Luson of Vluorhampton, a merchant, hath 500 mark of ... lands.

Cumbreford of Cumbreford, a ... miles out of Brerewoodand ... of Penkriche.

Lane of Hide maner in Brerewood paroche; this Lane be likelihood is the elder house to Lane of Northamptonshire.

Standeley [c] of Pype by Litchfelde a mile . . of, left a late 2 daughters heyres, one of them was maried to Moile, a

[a] Norbury.
[b] Penkridge.
[c] Stanley family.



North . . man. This house of Standelyes had the manor of the pile of Echels [a] in Chestreshire ... of Standely Lord Chambrelayne. Standleys of Latham came out of the house of Stanlyes of Hoton, in Cheshyre.

Standelye of Bromwich cummeth out of the House of Standly of Latham in Lancashire; this Standelye marryed Frebotoms daughter & heyre. Though hee dwells in Staffordshire, yet is Castle Bromwich in Warwickshire, and longeth to the Lord Ferrars.

Rigeley of the Hawkes yarde upon Trent, 4 miles from Litchfeld, 100 markes.

There is a younger Rigeley in Langdon by Beaudesert park, a 100 markes and better.

Swinesfeld of Swinefeld, 3. miles from Litchfeild.

Worseley of Worseley bridge on Trent, a mile from Rigeley, 5 from Stafford, 6 or 7 from Litchfeild, a 100 li. land.

Bagott of Blithfeld 200 li. lande, 2 mile from Worseley bridge.

Yareswik [b] at Sandon village, a 3 mile from . ., 100 markes land.

Besford at Sandon, 100 marke land.

Chetweine of Inglestre his house by Trent, 200 marke land.

Sir Phillip Draicote, a gentleman of an old stocke, his father let his old house downe. and buildid in another place of Draicote parish, a goodly house called Painsle.

Linesle of Loxle, 3 mile from Draicot.

Blunt of Blunt haule, halfe a mile from Vttoxcester, a 10 li. land; some say that this is the antient house of the Blunts.

Basset of Bloer, in the Moreland, there of the common people called the Kinge of the Morelande. Bloer is a goodly antient howse, and hath a parke; it is in Staffordshire towards the edge. Blore is a mile from Ashbourne in Darbyshire. Basset hath a goodly house and parke in Langeley parish, and called Langeley, and is in Darbyshire, 4. mile from Darby.

Woker of Woker, a 100 li. land and a parke there.

[a] Etchells.
[b] Erdeswick.



Maiuerel at Througley, 3. miles from Bloer, 4. from Asheburne. Maiuerel and Basset be brotherne and sisters childerne, and so is Draicote.

Biddle of Biddle, 100 marke land; he married one of the heires of Salway of Worcestershire.

Snede of Brodewal, a mile from Newcastle vnder Line, his father Justice of Chestre, borne to 10 li land, made it a 100 li.

Coleclough of Bloerton, 10 li lande, in Morelande, 3 mile from Newcastle; it is in Trentam parishe.

Hanbyri village a 4 miles from Burton on Trent in Staffordsh., this peraventure is that that historyes call Hamburghe.

Nowell of Hillcourte, a mile from the Castle of Eccleshaule; he hath 2 brethren maried to rich widowes.

Swinerton of Isehaul, hard by Eccleshaul Castle; hee is a younger brother of Swinerton of Swinerton.

Sir George Griffith of Wichemor on Trent Bank, 4. miles from Litchfeld; he hath fayre lands.

Horton on ... Bank ... he maried one of the heires of Stanton of ... Guliam his vncle had the other daughter of Staunton of, and dwelleth at Staunton.

John Vernon, Steward of Lechefeld, and a younger son of Henry Vernon; this John married one of the heires of Sir John ... and had by her ...

Chefel the younger brother .

Mitton of Weston in Staffordshire, a man of a 100 marke land; his grandfather sold a 100 marke land; there is a parke of his at Weston. He is, as some say, little kin to him of Shropshire.

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