Leland's Itinerary of England and Wales: Volume III, Appendix A.


(See p. 61)



The olde castel of Swineseye was builded or Yjepairid by the Normans and destroied by Lluelen prince of Wales that maryed King Johns dowghter. And it stoode by the bisshop of S. Dauids castel that now is there.

A iii miles from Swinesey, communely cawillid in englisch Swansey, at the rode mowth of Tawe was a castel cawllid Est Wilthlunarde otherwise Ostermuth, [a] and of sum Mummess; [b] there remaine ruines of a castel destroied by prince Lluelin.

Swansey is a market town and chief place of Gower lande. Moubray was lorde of Swansey and buildid the old castel, and be likelihod Ostermuth also for defence of the hauen. Almost in the middes of Gowerland a v miles from Suansey is the castel of Guible [c] that longid to the Delamers.

Penrise [d] castel standith a iii miles from Swansey in the forest of Penrise.

Lochor castel standith on the hither side of Lochor [e] riuer in the lordship of Gower.

[a] Oystermouth.
[b] Mumbles.
[c] ? Weobly Castle.
[d] Penrice.
[e] Llwchwr river and castle.

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