*Nantrorgwy [Goodrich].

W., perhaps nant-yr-or-gwy, 'valley on the margin of the Wye'.

Nant-y-bar (Dorstone).

W. meaning something like 'valley-top', or 'head of the brook'.

Nant-y-glas-dwyr (Cusop).

Welsh, 'valley of the gray-blue river'.

Nant-yr-Esk (Newton-in-Clodock).

Welsh, 'valley of the Eskley brook'.

Nant-y-Waun (trib. of Garran).

W. nant-y-gwaun, 'brook in the meadow'.


M.E. eaten ashe, 'at the ash-tree'. There is a Nash also in Fownhope and a Nashend in Bosbury. As a place-name Nash is found in several other counties also, Mons., Pembs., Bucks., Salop, and Soms. The Mons. Nash is in Lib. Land. 'Ecclesia de Fraxino'. In the Heref. Ep. Regs. between 1331 and 1346 Walter, John, Richard, Nicholaus, and Roger atte Nasshe, or Nessche, were ordained. For the transfer of n cf. Noke (Oxfs ) which is atten oke, 'at the oak-tree'; and Nechells (Warwcs.) which in 1300 is Les Echelis, and, circ. 1500, 'Echells otherwise Nechells'. The same thing has occurred in the word Newt which is 'an eft'.

Nelmes (Bosbury).

No old forms. Possibly on the analogy of Nash (a place- name found in the same parish), 'at the elm-tree'.

Netherley (Mathon).

Netherton (Brampton Abbotts, Ledbury, Pencoyd).

Netherwood (Thornbury).

So in 1831 Ord. Map; but it seems in the 18th century to have been called Northwood.

New Barns (Abbeydore).

First so called in 1120 when they were built by Robert of Ewias (who gave to E.H. Priory the land on which the old barns had stood).

Newchurch (Kinnersley).


Welsh Newton.

O.E. Niwe tun, 'new-town'. There is a Newton also in Kinnersley, and one in Croft which is Neuton in 1346 (F.A.). New Street in Ledbury has been so called since 1461.

Newtown (Leominster).

No date, but later Newenton, Leom. Cart. There is a Newton also in Little Birch, and in 1537 a Newborugh in Abbeydore.

New Wear (Huntsham).

The Noakes (Bredenbury).

Old forms wanted, probably of same origin as Norke (q.v.).

Nordan (Eye).

Norke (Court, Pembridge).

Probably (like the Oxfs. Noke) O.E. atten oke, 'at the oak- tree'. (Near by is Nokelane Head.)

The Normans (Stoke Prior).

Northgate Park (St Weonards).

Norton Canon.


Belonging to Dean and Chapter of Hereford. There is a Norton also in Bromyard.There is a Norton also in Bromyard.

Noverings (Little, Bosbury).

Nunnington (Withington).

It is not clear how Dunitune (which should have become Donnington or the like) changed into Nonynton, and so to Nunnington.

Nunsland (Eardisland).

Nunupton (Brimfield).

Nupton (Canon Pyon).

Nurdens (Woolhope).

Nurton (Court, Middleton).

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